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laurieblondie - May 26

I have been on the pill for years and years. On and off for about 10 years.
Mostly on.
I stopped my pills four days early of the placebo pills.
My husband finally said lets do it so I said okay and stopped taking the pills.
I am very nervous because my body has not had a period on it's own for years and years without the help of the pill.
How on earth can I predict when i ovulate if I don't even know when my periods are going to come?
Please any advice would help greatly.
I know I can just have sex every day for the next month and hope to catch myself on an ovulating day- but what if I don't even get my period...????????
Can you ovulate even if you don't get a period?


slowpoke01 - May 28

laurie-i would say that you should buy some ovulation predictor kits you can get them pretty cheap on ebay and they are easy to use you just pee on a stick and 2 lines mean ovulating..or you can start charting your basal body temp you have to buy a basal body far as ovulating without a period i am not sure about that


Mega - May 30

Hi laurie. Good luck. Sometimes it takes awhile to get your body regulated after stopping the pill. Like slowpoke suggested, look into ovulation trackers like charting BBT (to establish your own patterns) &/or OPKs. About periods & Ovulation, you can get your period and not be Ovulating, you can't Ovulate and not get your period though (unless of course you're pregnant). After you O, you should get your period 14 days give/take afterwards. Hope this helps. Good luck!



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