Concieving third child
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daulphn2016 - February 17

It only took me one month after taking birth control pills to get pregnant with my first two children. Now that my husband and I are ready to have our last child, it is taking longer than one month. Is this normal after being on the ring birth control or am I trying too hard?


tonyaandjoe - February 21

it will take a while after you go off of birth control before you will get pregnant.your body has to readjust how long has it been?


Laceyandsamsmamma - February 21

I feel for you hun I am in the same boat I have been trying to concieve child # 3 since August. You should come over to signs of pregnancy and then to 2ww thread there are alot of us over there trying to concieve


lovemy3 - February 22

It took only 1 month to get pregnant with all 3 of my kids, now we have been ttc#4 since dec 05, so 14 months and still nothing and I have been checked out and theres no cause. It is very discouraging I know, its also so strange!



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