CM Question for those charting
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Lynn - March 11

On day 14 my OPK syas positive & CM is very EW & elastic, day 15 cm is there but not as much as before and then on day 16 cm is non existent. I know that after O the cm is supposed to go back to it's non-fertile stage, but does anyone else dry up that quickly? I always thought it was supposed to be a gradual process back to sticky & then drying up before AF arrives... this is the same for me every month. DUring the fertile time though, it is VERY fertile..


Renee - March 11

I've read that cm can dry up very quickly, sometimes in a matter of hours after ovulation. I'm sure everyone is different. I definitely wouldn't worry since your opk is saying positive at the same time you have the eggwhite cm!


jb - March 11

get bedding and good luck this is yr best time xxx


milissa - March 16

Everyone is DIFFERENT' and I dry up fast! sometimes it happens in one day!


a - March 16

There is an article said CM usually dry up 8-16 hours after ovulation. So I guess most people fit this range.


hi - March 16

i have had clear mucus for 2 weeks none stop im on clomid and they say it drys u up but im wetter than normal


sas - March 16

Hi can i ask a stupid question. You all seem to know what your talking about. I just started checking my cm but how can you tell the difference between cm and his sperm coming back out which often happens the next day. We are ttc every other day so I'm a little confused. Thanks


Lynn - March 16

Hi sas. Well, to tell you the truth, it's pretty hard at first. For me, his sperm usually comes out first in the am hours. Usually by 11 (I get up at 4:30am) It's pretty much all out, what's going to come out anyway. If you bd every other day, you will have a better idea. My dh sperm is usually thick and usually has a certain scent to it, different from cm, sorry if tmi...



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