clomid not working as good?
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tk07 - December 13

hello! so i was just wondering if anyone has had it happen where they took clomid the first cycle had a perfect cycle (good follicles, great progesterone and sex at the right time) but no luck in getting pregnant. then the second month of clomid it didn't work as good, i only had one ok follicle and now i am 10dpo and am spotting a bunch and my temp even dropped by .2! which doesn't seem like a lot but it is the lowest it has been for like 6 days. i don't think it is implantation either, it just doesn't seem like that.
any responses would be great!


iampg - December 13

hi, i'm in the same situation. spotting this morning 9 dpo. now i'm wondering what decision to make next month. also, do we count the spotting as AF for the next cycle? i hope it is implantatioj for both is us but i doubt it. let's check in soon!


tonyaandjoe - December 13

no, my dr. told me not to count the spotting. when you have actually blood that is cd 1


tk07 - December 13

my dr told me to count actual red flow as day 1, but would pink then brown and a tiny bit of red count? i am having a hard time differentiating!
what month of clomid are you on iampg?
i think he will probably change something this next cycle since he told me to call him if i get af.
i hope yours is implantation! it is still in the timeframe of it!


thayward7 - December 14

Hey Girls... My RE said SOMETIMES break-through bleeding mid-cycle might mean endometrial polyps.... I had an u/s last week to see if that was the case with me. Spotting is not AF - has to be first day of full flow. I know how stressful it can be! Last cycle was cancelled for me because I THOUGHT I had started AF, and started my clomid, then got real AF the next week! It turned out to be heavy spotting. So, listen to your body - I know, easier said than done! I hope everything works out for all of you! Smiles and Babydust... T


tk07 - December 14

i have been having a regular u/s and he said everything looks really good. before clomid my luteal was only 11 days so this really isn't much shorter, i will most likely actually start tomorrow. but i guess i will be able to tell by my temps too!


nic - January 1

At some point, clomid stopped working for me (I was on 50 mg) so I moved up to 100 mg. Then it stopped working again so my doc told me to take it for 7 days instead of the usual 5, and to take tamoxifen at the same time. I'm now pregnant. :-)


Tracy88 - January 1

The first month I did clomid, my day 21 progesterone was like 37, and the doctor thought I responded very well. The second month was a different story, I only had a day21 level of 9!!! Then, the third cycle I took 100 mgs instead of 50 and my day21 level was a 53. The doc saw that level and thought for sure I was pregnant since my period was late, but of course I wasn't. I stopped clomid after that because I hated the way it made me feel. Changed doctors, had a laparoscopy, did one cycle of injectables and am now 20 weeks pregnant with a girl. Clomid just wasn't what was going to work for me. Three failed cycles was enough to tell me to move on.


tk07 - January 1

thanks for your responses, i think i will try 4 months and after that try something new. i am in my 3rd month right now. my follicles are the same as last month, i only have one real big one but the Dr's keep saying that everything looks really good. so i don't know. what does injectables do?


Tracy88 - January 1

The injectables do almost the same thing that clomid does, but they don't thin your lining or dry up your cervical mucus, etc.... Clomid tricks the brain into stimulating the pituitary gland to produce more FSH (or something like that) while the injectable hormones are hormones that your body is already producing, which is FSH, but you are just giving yourself a little more of it each day through the shot. I look at the shots as fertilizer. The doc will check your follicle growth through ultrasounds and adjust the dose of the meds as needed. You are simply stimulating the growth of the follicles. It works like a charm for many women who do not get pregnant from using clomid. I know four people personally who tried to conceive for years and got PG on their first cycle of injectables, not including myself.


tk07 - January 2

oh ok, so do you have to go to a specialist for it, or can the regular ob/gyn do it? because i might want to try that if the clomid doesn't work. although, you have to administer the shots yourself right? oohhh... i might have a hard time with that!!!


leahb5 - January 2

hello i'm doing injectables this month for the first time...i hope i get as lucky as you tracy!!! i'm doing bravelle 150iu. i think you have to see a specialist tk. only because they have it set up for special monitoring...ob's sometimes dont have all the time they need to devote to infertility...specialists do. i had one u/s on cd3 had 5follies on left and 8on right. started med on cd4 and am going in tomorrow morning cd7 to see how many are growing. the shots arent as bad as what you would think. knowing what the outcome could be makes me just do it!!! tracy how many follies did you have to start and how many grew? did you do iui?? how exciting, a girl!! do you have names picked out yet? good luck!


Tracy88 - January 2 do have to see a specialist to do the injections and the cycle costs a minimum of $1500 depnding on where you live. Leah, I have no idea in total how many follies I had, but four were mature at ovulation, two actually ovulated (they can tell that by blood levels) and two implanted. I was PG with twins until I was 8 and half weeks, when one ceased to have a heartbeat. Only 20 percent of twin cases make it past week 10, so I was kind-of prepared for it. Anyway, yep, we did back to back IUI' the morning before I ovulated and one the next morning, which was when I was actually ovulating. I found out on Dec.11th that I am carrying a girl. We have named her Savannah Skye. If the ultrasound tech is wrong I am going to kill her! I wish you all the luck in the world Leah and want you to keep me posted. Are you doing IUI?


tk07 - January 2

oh my gosh! 1500! my insurance will only pay for half of infertility treatments too. well i hope clomid does the job!!
that is so awesome, a little girl!
leah, keep us posted on your progress! i love to hear good news!



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