Clomid and Ovulation
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ketchup - December 29

Good morning everyone,
DH and I have been TTC since last May. After one ectopic, and one MC I have been diagnosed with PCOS, and just started my first round of Clomid.
I am wondering what day did those of you who decided to take Clomid O? And out of curiousity, what days did you take Clomid, and how many MGs?



slowpoke01 - December 29

hey i took clomid cd 3-7 50 mg. i usually ovulate on cd 14 or 15 without clomid, some women ovualte later on clomid and some ovulate earlier on clomid. i ovulate earlier only because i have the hcg trigger shot to trigger ovulation and to better time iui's. so i usually ovulate on like day 13 now. are you doing iui or trigger shot or anything like that?good luck to you.


ketchup - December 29

Hi SlowPoke, thanks for getting back to me. No, I am not going to be getting HcG shot, at least not this month. How long have you been TTC?


hapistuff - December 30

Hey Ketchup, DH and I have been ttc for over a year now. In August I had Endometriosis removed. This is my 3rd round of Clomid @ 100 cycle days 2 through 5 and HCG trigger shot. I am on day 5. If we are not pg this month we are moving on to IUI. How about you?


tk07 - December 31

Hi! i take it days 3-7 50mg and this is my third month. i ovulated on day 14 the first month and day 16 the second month and i am on day 13 this month. i have been ttc for about a year and had a m/c last april and my cycles got all messed up from it. so i am hoping this is my month! good luck to you on clomid! what days are you taking it?


ketchup - January 2

Hey hapistuff and tk07,
DH and I have also been TTC for over a year. I had an etopic preg. in May, and then was diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance. This is our first round of Clomid (although I have been on Metformin for a few months).
I used an OPK all weekend, and it showed + yesterday! HAPPY NEW YEAR! That was CD 15

This is a great step in the right direction, as I haven't O'd in over six months, so at least we know the Clomid is working. I was taking 100mg days 1-5

IUI is a great option, but hopefully it happens for you this month!

Keep me posted on how you gals are doing!


hapistuff - January 2

Ladies - where are you from and which ff group or doctor do you see? I live in NYC and go to Center for Women's Reproductive Care. Today I went into the Center to see how many and big my follicles are. I have 3 follicles this cycle and two look about ready. If I do not ovulate on my own by tomorrow night at 8:30pm then I need to give myself the Ovidrel shot. Then it’s the weekend for bding (Woo Hoo). Baby Dust to all!


ketchup - January 2

Hi hapistuff! Well, that is great news that you have two follies set to go. Who knows, maybe you will end up with TWINS! That's what DH keeps kidding me, that after a year of trying, we'll end up with a litter! Whatever we get, I will be so happy, and feel so blessed.
I am from Ontario, Canada and seeing an RE. She is a wonderful doctor, although she hasn't been monitoring my follicles via ultra sound, just blood tests on day 21 to see if I am ovulating.
If in fact this OPK was correct (and I read it properlly) I ovulate TODAY!!! WA HOO!


hapistuff - January 2

ketchup- We are very close in our cycles. Do you have a Fertlity Friend Chart that we could follow? Mine is I am crossing my fingers that you O today!


ketchup - January 3

Hey Hapistuff...
We are very close in schedules! I checked out your chart, that is also very similiar to mine. This month I haven't been keeping track of my temperatures, one thing after another, and it just never got started. Anyhow, mine is http://www.fertilityfrien

Dust to both of us!!!


hapistuff - January 3

Ketchup - hey lady you need to start temping :) You could start now. I got a digital bbt thermometer and find it much easier to use. ***My husband has been talking about us taking a trip to Canada this summer. Have you always live in Ontario? Where is the best place/s for tourist to visit?


ketchup - January 4

Hey Hapistuff,
I know, I definately need to start temping. I did for a long time, then I was gradually slipping. Now, though I am much more focused--so you're right I should resume the good habit. I have always lived in Ontario...aside from a one year stint in Costa Rica. It is a very diverse province, because it's huge (it takes about fourteen hours to get from one side to another) I think it's about three times the size of Texas, so it's big. What are you looking at doing on your trip? Relaxing, sight seeing, camping? What's your "cup of tea"? If you'd like, you can send me an email, and I can give you some [email protected]


hapistuff - January 4

Ketchup - I just sent you an e-mail :)



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