clomid and OPK
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OPK - March 2

Are the predictor kits reliable on clomid?


michelle - March 2

do you mean ovulation tests? i'm not too sure but i'm certainly goingto give it a go this month!


Renee - March 2

I'm not sure but I'm wondering the same things as I just bought some.


shan - March 3

i have had two similar lines for the past two days (answer brand) and I am confused they are both faint lines. I go to the doctor tomorrow its day 14, i just want to know when i am ovulating so i don't miss the opportunity. Does this wear anyone else out at all? i mean i love having sex with my husband and all but geez.!!!


michelle - March 3

shan- let usknow how you get on at the docs, me you and jb are all similar days. i'm day 9 now, scan on monday!
i think the secret is too have sex every other day that way we will catch the egg if released!!!


Renee - March 3

I'm on day 12 today with clomid. I took the ovulation test on day 10 and 11 and had similar faint lines both days too. I'm anxious to see if the line is darker today.


shan - March 3

Renee, thanks for responding its good to know that there are more of you out there going through the same situations. thanks for all the support you guys! i will let you know about the doc today.


shan - March 3

let me know what your predictor test says today renee...hopefully it shows up.


michelle - March 3

day 10 and mine was negative again today.. will keep testing tho!
any luck at hospital shan?


Jen - March 3

The predictor kits do work on clomid. I have been on clomid for 4 months and testing the last 2 months in addition to follicle studies. It always matches. Don't worry if it isn't showing up at day 10 to 12. I found out I ovulate late, so I don't get the darker line until day 16 or 17 and it only lasts for one day. I am now on day 19 and have my fingers crossed again.


michelle - March 4

good luck jen and thanks for your advice! i will continue testing!howlong is your cycle??? x


Renee - March 4

My line was faint again on day 12. Today is day 13, so I'm hoping for a dark line today!


shan - March 4

Went to the doctor, had cervical exam, said everything looked great, thought i was getting ready to ovulate, he said he saw clear mucus around cervix. I go back on day 24 for a blood test for progesterone, to make sure that i O. Still 2 faint lines yesterday on OPK, i will try again today. Last night my lower right side of my back was crampy, and i feel really bloated and swollen with crampyness off and on in abdomen, i have no idea, anyone having any of these symtoms. I'll let you know what the kit says today, day 15.


jb - March 4

shan - great news fingers crossed 4 u xxx just keep getting himin bed haha xx


luna - March 4

all you ladies that are having scans on day 14 are you in UK or somewhere else I'm on clomid told to take day 2 to 6 I'm now on day 15 was not told to have a scan but to have a blood test on day 21 does this seem right or should I contact my doc.


shan - March 4

luna, i am in the US, my doctor just looked at my cervix. The blood test will let you know how much progesterone is in your system which will let you and them know if you actually ovulated on your dose of clomid this month. So that is probably standard procedure. This is my first month so i think that my doctor just wanted to make sure i was doing okay on it. If you haven't started your period by day 40 they will then run a blood pregnancy test, we will both just keep our fingers crossed.


Jen - March 4

Michelle - Thanks. My cycles tends to be around 32 days. I also wanted to tell you that sex every other day is one of the tricks. It allows the sperm to build up again. Every day can sometimes lower the sperm count. Good luck!



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