Clomid and AF late??
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gi23 - January 2

Hi i was on my first round of clomid on Dec 5th and had IUI on Day 10.. (early right) well today is day 30 and still no AF took a test on Dec 24 and it was negaitive, do you think with CLomid AF will be later?


Cendy - January 3

Hi gi23. I was on Clomid for 6 months and went from 28 day cycles to 33-34 day cycles. Yes, I think you AF will be later. I have heard it can be anywhere from 3-5 days later taking Clomid. I hope helps and good luck to you. BABY DUST!


Ravini - January 4

Hi, i took one round of clomid .. usualy i have a 30day cycle.. after the clomid it got it back aftare 25 days which was quite unexpected for me.. i took clomid CD 2 - CD7... may be that affects as well? (i mea the days u take it)



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