Clomid 25mg
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pk74 - September 5

Has anyone become pregnant on 25mg of Clomid? I normally have regular cycles but I only have one fallopian tube so my chances of conceiving are lower. I thought 25mg of Clomid would give me a little help without the risk of multiples....twins would be ok. I have other children and have not had any real problems getting pregnant until now( because of only one tube ). I had thought about 50mg but since I do ovulate on my own I'm terrified of triplets or more. Does anyone have any advise? ?


babygirl1967 - September 7

Hi pk74 i always thought that 50mg was the lowest it came in, iam also thinking about taking clomid and iam scared of the multiples. i have one tube thats clogged and i also ovulate on my own, when i went to see my dr. i told him that i o but i feel that iam not releasing any eggs because i dont see any ewcm at time of o so he prescribed clomid 50mg for me but i have not taken it as of yet. from what i have been reading the chance of having multiples beyond twins is less of a chance on 50mg the higher the dosage the higher the chance, i also have 2 children 18 and 14 and ttc #3, right now im in 2ww if i get af i will take the clomid this cycle around.


pk74 - September 14

Hi babygirl.....I didn't realize anyone had posted until today. I'm also in the 2ww now...5dpo. If AF shows, I'll start the 25mg clomid but I hope I don't have to. When is AF due for you?


slowpoke01 - September 14

pk74-i ovulate on my own and they prescribed me clomid to help boost my chances of getting pregnant. i take 50 mg on days 3-7 the doc told me that it only increases your chances of multiples by 5-12% so thats not really a high chance. i got pregnant in august with my 2nd iui clomid cycle with hcg trigger shot (makes your eggs release) and follicle monitoring but i had to terminate last week because it was tubal. the doc said it was a freak thing and had nothing to do with the clomid or the iui so good luck to you both.


babygirl1967 - September 14

Hello ladies i finaly figured out what was wrong with me lol or at least i think that, anyway today is dpo10 for me and i got af and last month the same thing it was dpo 8 and i got af so that means i got luteal phase defect well i will be starting my clomid on day3 and then after i get a positive opk i will take prometrium so lets see what happens. Good luck pk74 with a bfp if not you can join me with our first clomid experience.


babygirl1967 - September 14

slowpoke i am so sorry to hear about the tubal and terminating must have been so hard to go through, i can imagine, did they remove the tube as well, i say that because my best friend had one done as well and they had to remove the tube. How long do you have to wait to try again?? R u ok now? for some strange reason im always thinking thats going to happen to me and i am so scared of it.


slowpoke01 - September 15

babygirl-no they didnt remove the tube they just gave me methotrexate shots. which is a form of chemo. if your tube isnt ruptured they now try the shots first to save the tube or at least try to. i wasnt that far along like maybe 3 weeks when i started getting the signs of ectopic pregnancy. i did bloodwork monday to make sure my hcg numbers are dropping. last tuesday hcg was 4297 they called me yesterday and said that the hcg for monday was 500 something so it is dropping fast. i went yesterday and did more bloodwork so i should get the results of that sometime today. the doctor said this was one of those freak things that happen and it only happens in like 3% of all pregnancies so that is a slim chance. he said most people go on to have healthy pregnancies after a tubal pregnancy. but i wouldnt worry so much about it happening to you. it is a rare thing and it can happen but rarely. so i would just focus on something else besides worrying about having a tubal pregnancy. i wish you 2 the best of luck with the clomid. i hope that it works for you. take care



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