Clomid 150mg is not working.
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zeba - January 30

I have been TTC for the last 1 year. Since May I was on clomid 50mg first, then on 100mg and now 150mg, for the last 4 months. First 3 three cycles of 150mg resulted in O, but not last time. I donno whats next. Anybody had similar experience? Anybody tried 200mg? I am so worried. I feel like crying when my PR starts everymonth. I am going to be 37 soon! I am getting crazy. Need some support!


Mindy1 - January 30

aweeee sweetie I am sooo sorry to hear that. Everyones bodies are different. Clomid doesnt work for us all (heck, i dont even know if its working for me) a doctor has soooooo many alternatives though BEFORE you do IUI or any of that. They have these HGC shots and stuff(i dont know much about that) but there are so many different things out there so dont get discouraged! keep your faith up, and you'll be in my thoughts :)


tanner789 - January 31

i tried clomid alone for a couple month and it never develeoped the right size follicles so now i'm on injectables and clomid and the results were so good they cancelled my cycle claiming i could have 5 or more babies so now we are awaiting another month to ocme so we can try again


zeba - January 31

Thanks Sola for the video, Mindy1 for the sweet words, and tanner 789 for sharing that.


mommy2josh - January 31

Zeba, I am currently on 100mg clomid and my RE said I will next be upped to 150mg if that doesn't work, there are other drugs to help me ovulate. Are you seeing an RE or just obgyn? I was first prescribed clomid by my OB/GYN and had no follicle monitoring, with RE I have u/s to see exactly how big my follies get. This month I had 6 mature follicles and took a trigger shot, but I feel that this month did not work for me. AF is due on Saturday. You need to start asking your doctors more questions and asking for alternatives to Clomid. They will not up you to 200mg, because if 150mg did not work then 200 wont either. You need to be pushy and demand to get results. I know everything will turn out ok for you. Just keep your chin up girl, we are all more or less in the same boat. ((((Hugs))))


Sara - February 1

Hi Zeba, I've also tried 50mg and 100mg of Clomid with no success. My ob/gyn didn't bother with 150mg b/c he didn't think it would work. He put me on metformin with clomid but no success either. I decided last year to see a fertility expert. Since then we attempted IUI with Clomid, but I didn't respond very well. Our next option is IUI with injections or In vitro. We meet tomorrow with the clinic to decide. I wish you and everyone else all the best.


zeba - February 12

thank you mommy2josh. I am seeing obgyn, not RE yet. Thank you for advising to be pushy, I think I am too hesitant.
Good luck Sara. Who knows, may be this time it would be +ve.



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