clomid 100 mg
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Jane - August 18

I am on my second month of clomid 100 mg and took my last pill today. I have been experiencing hot flashes and mood swings. Is that normal? I took the 50mg a few months back and it worked because I became pregnant but miscarried very early on. I am having a very difficult time getting pregnant and hope that it will happen this month. Wish me luck and plenty of luck to all you ready to be mothers out there


Sara - August 18

Hi Jane, I too take 100mg clomid. I just finished my last pill yesterday. I noticed mood swings, and the hot flashes. The doc told me this may happen when women take 100mg-150mg of clomid. We've been TTC for 2 yrs with no luck. I'm starting the fertility test strips this month, I'm desperate to try anything. Are you on Metformin with the Clomid. I also take Metformin to regulate my cycles and it seems to be working. Good luck to you Jane & lots of baby dust....



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