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sheryl - April 29

Did anyone that has taken clomid notice that their cycles eventually regulated to about 28-30 days when they were longer before?


wannabeamom - April 30

Hi Sheryl! I was a 28 day cycle. The last 2 months I have been on clomid my cycle has been 4-5 days shorter. I hope this helps you. GL.


mg - April 30

I was a perfect 28 day cycle girl, but once I started taking Clomid I went to 35 day cycle. It is crazy! I have been having short periods over the last few months, but on Clomid my AF lasted only 1.5 days, and very light. Even stranger. I guess everybody is different.


Tracy88 - April 30

My cycles got longer.


MuzikGurl - May 1

actually my cycles were weird. i had really long almost non exsistant cycles then i took clomid and had a cycle at about 25 days and another one at 37ish and the next one I don't know how long it was gonna be cause i ended up pg. but I ovulated late and it was 12dpo when it was a fainty pos. so, it might have been about 30 something days too.


KDR - May 1

Hi! My cycles went from 37-38 days to 31-32.



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