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Shells - July 8

My doctor wants to put me on clomid next month if I'm not pregnant by then.Shouldn't my husband's sperm be tested before I go on clomid.Is it common to go on clomid before my husband's sperm gets tested?


Ann - July 8

Yes, Your husband's sperm should be tested and also you should have tube test done to make sure everything is opened and working. No sense taking clomid if something is blocked or the sperm count isn't high enough. Good luck!


merlee - July 8

I agree, clomid can cause problems later. You should ask for the sperm analysis and HSG


shells - July 11

Thanks so much for the help thats what I thought too.What is the point for me to be on clomid if there is a problem with his sperm or if there is something else wrong with me.Thank you for confirming my thoughts.


MelissaS - July 12

Hi Shells. I do not necessarily agree with the other posters. Clomid is to help YOU ovulate. Your dr probably want's to put you on it because you are not (right?). So, if you are NOT ovulating your hubbies sperm count means nothing because there is no egg there for it. I took it for 2 cycles and am now 4 weeks pg (Friday will be 5 weeks). I have done a LOT of research on clomid and there are no known later se with it. The initial se are hot flashes, and moodiness. It is not linked with cancer either. Good luck.


To MelissaS - July 12

YES, clomid makes you ovulate. BUT what good is it to ovulate if you have not ruled out low sperm, blocked tubes, progesterone levels etc.... You can ovulate all you like, but if other areas are not working properly then you are taking a drug into your body with no purpose. There are lots of different reasons why people aren't able tc. I would be worried if my doc just wanted to fix one problem (ovulation) without exploring all the areas that go into making a baby. Also, doc's don't like to have you on clomid for more than 6mo. So what if Shells does her 6mo. and then they find out there is another problem?????


Lena - July 12

I'm going to play devil's advocate here and disagree with the other posters. Clomid is a pretty harmless synthetic hormone that merely imitates hormonal catalyst already present in our body. It was one of the first fertility drugs available, has been around for decades and has been used by thousands of woman. Because of this its one of the few drugs on the market where we actually know about its safety in the longterm. Clomid is the first step in medical protocol for infertility treatment. Besides helping woman acheive ovulation, Clomid also regulates the cycle (better for planning SI or IUI), and stimulated follicle production. All of which assist conception. By the time most woman have consulted their physician, ob/gyn, or RE about infertility, they are desperate to conceive NOW!, not next month, not two or three months. Completing SA test, bloodtest, etc can take several months. Starting a clomid cycle while conducting the other tests allows a couple to begin immediately. This is a standard practise and protocol.


Ann - July 13

I do agree with Lena that there is no harm in taking the clomid. But I would suggest testing in the process. I know what it feels like to want to get pregnant right away. Good point Lena :0 ).


Ginger - July 13

I just started clomid this cycle. My dr had day 3 and 21 blood tests done on me, then said she suspected PCOS and had me begin Metformin immediately, and Clomid on the next cycle. There has been no mention of any other tests, but I suppose that is because I have an 8 yr old daughter, and dh has 2 daughters, 9 & 6. If the clomid doesn't get me a BFP w/in 3-4 months, I think I will ask about the tube test....


dee - July 13

Ginger, how did your doctor come to the conclusion that you have PCOS. I have PCO and I found out when my periods suddenly stopped for 2 months and had an ultrasound done and they saw cysts. Metformin is used in diabetic patients to reduce the insulin levels. I would ask the doctor to do a blood test to check your insulin levels. You might not need Metformin. My doctor just started me on Clomid last month without anything else. Get a thorough check up.


Shells - July 14

Thank you everyone for your help.I appreciate it.


Ginger - July 14

Dee, Thanks for your input. The doctor did the blood work for hormone levels on days 3 & 21. I am not ovulating. I have gained weight in certain areas, and have some excess hair. Metformin is primarily a diabetic drug, but it also helps with ovulation. Combining Metformin and Clomid works better than individually. Metformin will not hurt you if you are not diabetic. It is for insulin resistance. After I was prescribed both drugs, I read about both of them on several websites before taking either one. I was more concerned about the Clomid than I was the Metformin. Some sites state that there is a link between Clomid and uterine cancer, but others state that the link is also due to the fact that many women who take Clomid never bear a child, and women who never bear a child also have a higher instance of uterine cancer. In addition to the blood work, I have had my annual exams/pap smears punctually every year. What else do you feel is needed for a "thorough exam" so that I can ask the doctor about it. Thanks again.



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