cant concieve getting me down.
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aish - September 27

why dont u consult doctor. A s we r ttc 5 mths and also going to gynec as we went for my blood work& ultrasound,pap smear& hubby's sperm count.Now i have to go for my HSG test ,i think consult them ASAp


MRS. PHILLIPS - January 27



jac5505 - January 27

Does Anyone know an answer to this question??? I didn't get any responses and am very curious....I went off the pill in June 2005, and have irregular period ever since, I think I am getting more regular now, but trying to have a baby and it just is not happening. The question I have is that my last two periods I think that I have ovulated around day 16, but on that same day my breast started to get really sore and swell and lasted until around day 25. Doesanyone know what that means? I thought maybe a hormone imbalance, but not sure at all. Thanks..


donna - January 27

hi deedee, i know exactly how you feel, me and my husband tried for 10 mths with no luck, but then i started doing my temp amd cm and it worked straight away, if your already doing that then statistics say that 90% of couples will get pregnant within a year so dont give up keep trying and i hope it all works out for you.


Rochelle - February 1

I have been trying for eight years. I had a fibroid removed in November. This month will be our first month using the ovulation kit. I understand COC and Peg. four of my coworkers are pregnant and I have been trying alot longer than they have. I am very happy for them but wonder why I have not conceived yet. I am going to try not to get too emotional but it is hard to get detached from this type of pain.


ALEX - March 1



js13 - January 22

I feel the same way! My husband and I have been trying for a year now. I took to tests yesterday and they said I was pregnant. Went to the doctor and found out I'm not. I'm crying right now as I'm writing this. I'm so upset, frustrated, and don't even want to try anymore. And I can't handle everyone every second of every day having a baby or asking if we are trying and all that. I have not been on the pill for 10 years and still nothing. Maybe something is wrong with me? Good luck to you I hope it happens for you.


jprice0903 - January 22

js13: i bought this book.."taking charge of your fertily" by toni weschler. it is a great book so far. my husband and i are on mth 5 of ttc. it gets VERY frustrating. This book lets you know when to time it just right and helps you to learn all about your body and to chart your cervical fluid and waking temps to find when ovulating. See most women are lead to believe you o on cd14...i know thats how i've been. so, all this time we've been bd'ing on the wrong days!! you should consider this book. i got it tuesday and from an opk and my cervical fluid i found out i was oing on tuesday so i didn't get to use my knowledge from the book yet this mth. if i don't get prego this mth i will def. chart next mth and use all i've learned from it. BABY DUST to you :)


Bionic_Chipmunk - January 24

js13, I feel your pain. There are no magic words that anyone can say to you to stop the way that you are feeling. The only advice that I can offer is use this forum. The women here are incredibly supportive. Personally speaking, I felt (or still feel) the same way that you do. Angry, frustrated, defeated, even useless. I have cried and cried and wondered if I have the strength to keep trying. I can't turn to my friends and family because I don't need their looks of pity or words of 'it will happen'. It frustrates me that women all around me seem to have no issue with conceiving and they don't see how truly blessed they are. I have to keep reminding myself that I am doing this for the greater good. All the negativity will pass once we have been blessed with our own little treasure and that is what makes it worthwhile. Keep trying and as I said earlier, use this forum. Before I found out that something like this existed, I was a wreck. Now, I am a little more clear and know that the women here will provide me that extra support and advice when asked. I hope that this helps you. Take care and keep trying!! Good luck.



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