Can yeast infec be an early preg sym? dizziness too!
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MM - June 12

I was wondering if anyone knows if a yeast infection can be an early pregnancy symptom? I am on cd21, took 100mg of clomid this month. I have also been having dizzy spells. Please help!!!


TO; mm - June 14

A yeast infection is a pregnancy symptom. Its just what it says, an infection. The dizziness could be a side effect from the clomid. I took 100mgs. as well and that was one of my side effects. How do you know for sure that its yeast?


MM - June 14

I know it is yeast because I have thick, white cm and itch like crazy. I used the monistat7 and it is clearing the probem up. So, I guess it is. Did you have something else in mind that it could be? Did you have any other side effects on 100mg of clomid? I can't seem to get full at times and really thirsty. Thanks for your response :)


MELANIE - June 14

I'm sorry I meant to say that its NOT a pregnancy symptom. As far as my symptoms, I had alot of dizziness, dry mouth and sore bobbs.


Donna - June 15

MM, just to let you know that I found out I was pregnant when I went to the doctor for a yeast infection. Before I actually missed my period. Good luck sweetie!!


Kristen - June 16

One reason you get yeast infections is from hormonal changes so yes it is a sign. I had one before I knew I was pregnant. If you get yeast infections a lot like me it could mean you have polycystic ovaries. Like 3 in a 6 month period.


MM - June 16

Thanks Kristen and Donna. I will keep you posted. I thought it may have just been the clomid causing it, but I will know soon!!! :)


KH - June 22

Hey MM, I am having the same syptoms right now, yeast infection and dizziness. My period is due this weekend and I am keeping my fingers crossed. I have been trying for 8 months now!


MM - June 22

My af is due this week also. Infection is finally cleared up :) and I hope it did not cause me to miss my o date. I normally have a 25 day cycle and it is cd27. What cd are you on? I hope this is the month for both of us. I will keep you posted.


Kelly - June 23

I have been ttc for 4 months. No sign yet. However I am having a lot of vaginal itching. Not a lot of discharge though like one would have with a yeast infection. I am about 2 weeks late but have had negative preg tests. DO you think it could be a sign? Wishful thinking


Kelly - June 23

Anyone going to reply..please!


MM - June 24

Kelly I would test again. I turned out to not be pregnant this month and the yeast infection caused me to miss the day!! Hmmmm, here we go again this month!!!



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