Can u get pregnant
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AMw - September 26

my period was semptember 17 and ended on the 21..... what are my chances of getting pregnant if i had sex in the 23. if it possible to get pregnant 3 days before my ovulation starts


me - September 26

very slim. you should not even be close toovulation yet


Indie - September 26

Yes it is possible. Sperm can live up to 3 days in the woman after sex. Add that to the fact that sometimes people ovulate early in a cycle or late in a cycle and that each woman has a different cycle, then there's no telling.... if your cycle start the 17th, and you have a 28 day cycle (meaning 28 days between start of period and start of next period) and an ovulation mid cycle, then you're probable "safe" but unless you know for sure what day you ovulated, then there's no guarantee. If you ovulated 9 days after your menses, you could be pregnant. Best option...wait til your next cycle is due. If it doesn't come, wait a few days and take a test.


Q - September 26

If her temperature shot up..then it's safe to said she ovulate the day before?


me - September 27

you need 3 days of temps above coverline to know for sure if you ovulated


to me - October 1

it is very possible to ovulate on cd 10. I have always been regular ov on cd 15 or 16. 6 months ago my cycles change now I am ovulating on cd 10 or 11 with my cycle length changing from 31 days to 26 days. So assuming AMw ov on cd 10, it is possible to conceive when bding on cd 7.



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