can i take a home pregnancy test now?
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Just Wondering - May 5

Hello. I was just wondering, if I could possibly be 2 weeks pregnant, would a home pregnancy test show positive or would it be too early?


Melissa - May 5

You generally don't create enough hcg to test until you've missed a period which would make you 4 weeks pregnant. A blood test can pick it up earlier though.


just wondering - May 6

so taking a test this morning and it coming out negative would not be accurate enough? just test again in a week or so? thank u melissa for the reply.


Melissa - May 6

It could be accurate, however if you are pregnant and only 2 weeks it would be too early so I would wait and test again. Have you missed a period?


just wondering - May 6

i have not missed a period yet. i normally start about the middle of the month.


Melissa - May 6

You should wait until it's missed then it's more accurate. Some say you can test 4 days before you miss, but the accuracy is something like 65%. So, you should wait that way you don't get a false -.


just wondering - May 6

so if i should expect it in the middle of the month, would next friday be ok or should i wait longer?


Melissa - May 6

I would probably try to wait 'till the 18th. But, it's up to you. I know how anxious you get. All the websites said I shouldn't be able to see results until Wednesday, but I tested last night and got -. So, I'm going to test again on Wednesday.


just wondering - May 6

well, maybe i can. is there any way not to think about it? the wait will drive me crazy. how much are blood tests? what places give those?


Melissa - May 6

Blood tests are really expensive if you don't have inurance. Your doctors office will be the ones to give you the test. However I know some clinics like Planned Parenthood do also. But, if you have a regular doctor best to stick with him/her. I don't know how not to think about it. It's on my mind all the time.


just wondering - May 6

thank you melissa. i am glad and greatful for your help. i will just wait i guess. i really have no choice but to wait. i guess i can let you know something when i test again on the 18th or so. just let me know. thanks once again.


Amy - June 9

My question is somewhat similar: I'll be 2 weeks tomorrow, I took a ClearBlue this morning and it was negative. Now, I started spoting this morning too and I"m not suppose to start till between the 12-13 of this month. Is it accurate? Am I NOT pregnant??


Drew - June 9

Amy, do not rely on a test this early!! The bleeding you are experiencing could very well be implantation bleeding. It usually happens about two weeks after the sperm met the egg. Wait another two weeks for an accurate urine test. Good luck!


kc - June 10

Drew is correct the spotting can possibly be implantation. I would wait at least a week before testing. Your HCG hormone is created by the placenta (yolk sack) of the growing baby. It doubles every two days. An early pg test can determine hcg as early as 4 days after implantation but I would wait a week to make sure the level is high enough to register. Hope this helps. Lots of Luck



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