Calling all New England Ladies...
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DCL - January 9

Hey Ladies - Calling all ladies from the New England area. Has anyone gone to Fertility Ctr of New England and had Dr Vito Cardone? I first met in 2006 and did not apparently diagnose me correctly. He left the practice in July and not much of an explanation. He did a hysterscopy when in fact he could have done a LAP. The new DR just did my lap and found a badly damaged fallopian tube. They kept telling me they see cysts but in fact it was my tube. I could have had this figured out 6 months ago. Now I am going to IVF and scared to death. Has anyone had Cardone as their Dr and what did you think of him? If anyone knows anything about him, I would appreciate your help! Thanks!


wannabeamom - January 9

Hi DCL. I do not know Dr Cardone but have her of the center. I go to Women & Infants in Providence and see Dr. Carol Wheeler. I like her very much. She is very thorough as well. Where are you from? I am from Westerly,RI.


wannabeamom - January 9

I just looked Dr. Cardone up and it looks like he opened his own practice. I am sorry you had to go through that. Hopefully IVF will be successful for you!


DCL - January 9

HI - I am from the Boston area. I was told by 6 different people to go to Cardone and then he is no longer the Director. I personally think he checked out in May and didn't pay enough attention to me. I am more ticked off that I wasted doing Clomid/IUI when my tubes weren't working. The Center is great though. They have nice really nice nurses and the new director and my RE is great. He did my lap and told me that IVF is the best chance. I am just sooo scared about it. Didn't want to do it but have to since my tubes are in bad shape. What is your situation?


wannabeamom - January 9

I don't always ovulate (O). So I did 6 months of clomid. 3 of which I did not O still.On the higher doses I did but it gave me hostile mucous. Go figure. I had to take a break because I ended up with a 3" cyst on my right ovary. I switched docs and started IUI immediately. Got pg in August, miscarried in September. Did IUI in December and got AF (period) yesterday. So I am on cd2 (cycle day). I have been trying for 4 1/2 years and with a doc for 1 1/2 years. This is very hard. How long have you been trying? I am getting anxious. I am 34 and DH is 46. Time it is a ticking!



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