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NORA - October 12

Hi Just found out i'm 5 weeks pregnant. Got pregnant through the help of clomid and metformin. Yesterday started to bleed so I went to the hospital and dr said that the placenta is starting to tear not much but a little. He also said that I'm at high risk of miscarrage. I so badly want to have this baby, did this ever happen to anyone. Please I need to know if anyone has had a successful pregnancy after receiving news like this. The good news is that my hcg levels are still rising. Please someone write back and let me know. Thank you.


Tonya - October 12

Hi Nora, with my son I bled during the 1st 4 months. I would go in, they would check the heartbeat, say everything was fine...never found a reason. But, now I'm seeing a RE and they found that I have thrombaphilia (spelling???), so I have to take a baby aspirin a day to thin my blood, so my placenta (when and if I have one) won't develop clots. My son went to term and the bleeding never explained. I'll be thinking about you...


Nora - October 13

Found out that i'm five weeks but could not see the heart beat yet. Dr. said next time they check me there should be a heartbeat. I pray to God everyday that I will be able to carry this baby to term. Thanks tonya for your info.



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