Bleeding after a hysteroscopy-and a biopsy????
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Lissa_ - June 13

firstly the lap couldn't have detected hyperplasia as a lap can't see inside the womb so they couldn't possibly have found it then. Hyperplasia takes a while to build up and as excessive oestrogen (or too low progesterone causing same effect) causes it it naturally has the knock-on effect of infertility due to lack of ovulation as progesterone is vital to a menstrual cycle and pregnancy. You can have periods and not ovulate so it can seem like you've always bled every month whereas this has not always been after ovulation. That Dr's report says you have the 10% risk type same as me. I don't know farlutal. My best suggestion would be that if the farlutal didn't work on the atypia then mention MEGESTROL ACETATE (real name for Megace) as it has been proven quite effective. I was told that with my progestins that I wouldn't bleed at all. I bled for 25 days each month followed by a week off and then bleeding again. Three months of nightmare! The fact you only had spotting on yours is a very good sign. I was bleeding so much because my hyperplasia was still there apparently. Based on that with me, I would say that it sounds like your Progestins worked on both atypia and hyperplasia, I hope. My last biopsy was May with results on the 6th of this month with my Clomid started 8th of this month. Hysterectomy really is not something to allow them to do if they try to push for it because I don't think that 10% risk of developing cancer is worth losing your ability to have children when you have a 90% chance you won't get cancer. Even if the Hyperplasia with Atypia changed into Complex form (which can't happen on Progestins) I still think that 29% risk of cancer is still not worth a hysterectomy when there's a 71% chance you won't get it. Even with actual cancer they don't have to do a hysterectomy, they can treat with high dose progestins (usually stage 1 or 2 cancer). Its also worth noting that Endometrial cancer is an extremely slow developing cancer. Its also worth noting that you are unlikely to get cancer without knowing it if you've had enough symptoms of Hyperplasia with Atypia for them to have investigated and found it in the first place. The way I look at it is that I'd notice if the bleeding got worse so I'd know the atypia was back, would go back on megace etc etc. What I'm trying to say is that the Web and the Dr's can scare you into feeling that a hysterectomy is necessary, it truly isn't unless you develop actual cancer and the progestins don't work on it. I'm so secure in all my research into this that I am going on Clomid for 12 months (if it takes that long to get pg) knowing that the Clomid will accelerate the atypia coming back because Clomid is Oestrogen based. But even then, the atypia may not be back for 10 years! If you're biopsy shows no change then try for a baby and request they simply monitor you by 6 monthly/yearly biopsies. A successful pregnancy would help shrink any existing hyperplasia due to the progesterone produced in pregnancy. Its also worth noting that I wouldn't have had the hysterectomy unless they had found cancer and progestins hadn't cured it, despite the fact that my risk of cancer is higher as my mother had it at 29yrs old and had the hysterectomy. So if my Dr's are letting me keep my baby making organs, they should let you keep yours!!! :-) Sorry if I don't make much sense, these boxes are so tiny I can't read through what I've written to check it makes any sense at all until after I post it! So do hope it does!!


Lissa_ - June 13

when do you get your results?


patrizia - June 14 knew so much information!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU so much for sharing and trying to help me out !. i get my results back next week( thats when they should be ready.) but i dont have my re appt untill june 28th- so i kinda dont want to get my results yet untill like the 26 because they do worry me. ---then i will woryy night and day untill the 28th. my periods were not very heavy, they were scanty at times, normal other times, but NOT regular at all !!!!!!!!. i need a pregancy so bad to clean my body out also. when i had the lap thay also found an endometriosis cyst (that was exported out completely). so my re says a pregancy would help alot of these female conditins i have. what a mess ---knewing all these fertility problems !!!!!!!!!. please keep in touch!!! i hope things work out with clomid for you !


Lissa_ - June 14

I'd never have the patience to wait till my RE appt for the results if i could get them sooner!! 28th June is my birthday so it would be against the laws of Lissa for you to receive bad news on it!!!! Try not to worry too much, I know thats very hard. Coincidentally, I also have endometriosis so thats strange! :-) My personal email is [email protected] might be easier to contact each other through personal email as I don't always remember to look on here :-)


patrizia - June 14

yeah lissa--as i said i would always spot as soon as i would start the progesterone . the first month on the progesterone i did not spot at all,, got my af 3 days after the last pill--- the second month i spotted almost all the 10 days i was on the progesterone and the last month on progeterone i spotted only once. i cant believe you bleed all that time, poor girl !!!! how annoying is that ! was your dr. concerned about you bleeding so much while on the progesterones? i guess that was a side effect. ? about me picking up the exam, i will probably go next you have any children yet? i have none, married almost 4 years. . i hear so many stories about women with tons of female problems and they get pregnat right away and i feel like for some of us -as soon as we "fix" something another part gets "broken". when i had my lap last year i also had a HSG and a hysteroscopy when i was under. the hsg came out ok and the hysteroscopy was normal. that is why i am so fustrated with this hyperplasia. actually the hyperplasia is not so frightening , i guess the atypia scares me more. can we still get pregnant with hyperplasia with atypia or is that impossible ???


Lissa_ - June 14

Hi :-) I'm a bit confused..... did you only take the progesterone for a few days each month for three months? I took mine every day for 3 months. The fact that I bled almost constantly on it was an indication that it hadn't completely worked for me. With all the problems I've had female wise I consider myself very very lucky to have my wonderful daughter who is now ten and a half. I consider this lucky as I don't know if I'll be able to have another. I wasn't supposed to be capable of having my daughter and I managed that so hopefully my body will do it again! Biologically she is my daughter only, not my husbands, so we'd like another child together. Technically the atypia makes no difference to being able or unable to conceive. The Hyperplasia also makes no difference. The problem lies in WHY they developed in the first place. Hyperplasia develops from unopposed oestrogen and the longer this goes on atypia also develops. Unopposed oestrogen normally means that the woman either never ovulates or ovulates rarely. Lack of regular ovulation is obviously a very serious problem when trying to conceive. That is where the Clomid I am taking comes in. The Clomid makes you ovulate each month so that there will actually be eggs produced to be fertilised by hubby! When you get your results, if they are very good (atypia and hyperplasia gone) or good (just atypia gone) then ask them to put you on Clomid and tell them you've been trying to conceive for 2 years with no success. If the results are not so good (hyperplasia and atypia both still there) then ask to go on Megestrol Acetate 40mg every day for three months straight and then re biopsy and at least atypia should be gone and then you can go on Clomid. I seriously do not understand why you didn't take progestins daily for three months but maybe Italy is ahead of UK medically and maybe its just as effective or more effective to take what you took for a few days each month.


patrizia - June 18

hi lissa...i am going to write you an e-mail now..


kuchisoni - April 23

Hi friends..i got my hysteroscopy on 13th feb 2013 for polyp removal i bleeded till 20th feb then in my next cycle whic started on 23rd march it is so heavy with clots and it is not stopping at all ...Its complete 1 month now and there is no sign of stopping even doctor says its normal and is not giving me appointment she says come on 16th may but i have still 3 more weeks to bear this...i am frustrated with his heavy bleeding and clots as doctor is not serious for it...even i tried to take second opinion from another doc but again getting appointment after a month...please help me by sharing ur experience it actually normal...


MELISSAgg - January 16

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