BBT @ 100.4
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Mia - October 5

Hello All. Today is my O day. When I woke up this morning, I took my temperature and it read 100.4. Could I have been ovulating at that particular moment? Is there only a short time in the day that I am ovulating or is it all day? I took my temperature about 1 hour later and it was 99.8? I had sex with my hubby when my temp. was at the 100.4 mark. Is there a change we could have conceived? Thanks


Mia - October 5

I meant to say....Is there a CHANCE we could have conceived?


Krystle - October 5

Actually from everything I have ever read, once your temp rises it is too late because the egg is already gone. Sometimes (not always) there is a "dip" when ovulation is occurring. Did you and your hubby get in any BD'ing on the days leading up to the temp rise? I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. Hopefully you caught the egg.


Indi - October 5

Hi, what is your normal temp? BBT should only be a slight shift from that. 98.6 is the avg normal temp. So, a temp of 98.9 for example would be a BIG difference. My normal temp is actualy 96.8 and surge temp is 97.3 Unless you have a normally very highbody temp, a temp of 100.4 to me indicates a fever as a result of you fighting off some sort of infection.


Mia - October 5

For Krystle: Yes, we did get BD'ing in on the days leading up to the temp rise. Also, I know you had said that the high temp. may be too late, but I am using CBE fertility monitor and it "monitored" me for High Fertility yesterday and O today(?). For Indi: My normal BBT was High 97's - 98. I thought the 100.4 was very high, but thought since it IS my O day, it may have jumped. This is my first month tracking my BBT so I have nothing to compare it to. Thank you both.



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