Are OPK's ever wrong?....
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lovemy3 - November 11

Hi. I am cd19 and still waiting patiently for a pos. I have EWCM. This is the first month I am using the cheap online OPK's. Still completely blank for the test line, not even a faint line. I usually use First Response and never have skipped a month of ovulation. Any suggestions?


soimpatient - November 11

I went through the same thing this month. I had ewcm and show cervix. But I was getting VERY negative OPKs. I was about to give up and then the next day I got a positive. Some girls have the "fade in" pattern of opks and others (like myself) have a quick surge. I would continue to use your opks but start testing twice a day because it is possible to miss your surge. Oh and most importantly, start bding! :) Good Luck!


lovemy3 - November 11

Thanks, we have beeb bding just in case. When I use First response, its fade in type, now with the cheaper online, its just stark white blank, plus cd19 seems so late. Thanks


soimpatient - November 11

Well I didn't get a positive opk until cd33 and I o'd on cd 34. I used the internet cheapies.


lovemy3 - November 11

How did that work? Did you get a BFP yet? Its such a long struggle isn't it.


lovemy3 - November 13

Finally got my pos. opk-yay


tanner789 - November 13



isa - November 13

the cheapiest never worked for me. I had to go back to the expensive ones and i like the clear blue easy the best. II could get a + on them and still get nothing on the cheapies even using the same urine from the same cup. I also had problems with one of the canisters from first response so i gave up on them also. Learn how to use BBt, check your cervix height and open,med,close on top of just checking your ewcm. i get ewcm starting about cd6 up to ovulation day around cd12-14 so you cant always rely on it totally. use a few of the methods for the most help in deciding when to bd. When in doubt bd to cover yourself.


lovemy3 - November 13

Tanner...I was on cd20 when I finally got my pos. o. I started with ewcm the dy before. In the past my surge was on cd17 and I have had 3 babies naturally with that. Now I am in my 7th month of ttc#4 with no avail. Isa...thanks for the info about the cheap opks. How are you doing. We used to chat over on the pregnant and over 35 board. How is everything going?


lovemy3 - November 13

Isa, Another question as what point is too late of ovulation in terms of egg quality. My cycle is usually 28 to 32 days and I usually see a pos. around cd18. This month was late at cd20 but last month was early at cd14.


soimpatient - November 13

Oh sorry lovemy3..I didn't respond...oopps! Anyway, I am 11dpo and going crazy! Yesterday I got a really faint line with an internet cheapie. Today I didn't get a faint line with the internet one but I got a faint line with a frer. I guess I'm going to go in for a beta today. Wish me luck!


lovemy3 - November 13

How soon!


kelley32 - November 13

hi lovemy3 ... the month that I got pg, I did not get a +OPK, not even a faint line.


lovemy3 - November 13

Thanks kelley, that is great to hear. i did get my surge but was really starting to wonder. isn't it amzing how we begin to depend on a stupid pee stick and turn a deaf ear on our bodies symptoms- goodness. thanks for the encouragement!



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