Anyone with chemical pregnancies? What did you do?
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isa - March 22

I have just had my 2nd chemical pregnancy, the first back in October 2005. I am 40 yrs, never pregnant. Trying for about 1 year. Started fertility treatments Sept 2005. Both times it happened were with use of iui's. For anyone else that has had them have you gone on to have a normal pregnancy and if so what did you do differently? Did you have tests done -if so what kind. Did you find out what was causing them. My RE has us use progesterone suppositories 2x/day after 2nd iui (we do back to back iui's) and we take them until the beta is done. This cycle I was on injectibles. 1st time it happened I was on clomid, estrace and injectibles. The estrace was to boost my lining. Both times lining was fine by the iui time. Any thoughts? Thanks.


isa - March 23

Has noone else suffered from a chemical pregnancy?


marie - March 23

what is a chemical pregnancy?


isa - March 23

Marie, a chemical pregnancy is when you fertilize the egg (with the sperm) and then it sends out the hcg but it fails to implant properly and you end up miscarrying really early. Some women never know they have one because its so early in the pregnancy that unless you are being monitored or you happen to get an early bfp and then a day or few later you get bfn you would never know you had it. I get monitored so my hcg is checked on 12dpo and two times now I've had the hcg but for some reason the egg doesnt stick so I lose the pregnancy very early on and eventually af comes a few days later after I stop the progesterone.


tish - March 23

i have had 3 chemical pregnancies. right ater i miscarried my first period after was a chemical pregnancy. i am 24 years old and have since been trying to get pregnant for a year and have 2 more in that time. there is nothing physicaly or mentaly wrong with me that i should keep me from getting pregnant. i have no idea what to think of any of this. i am just so frustrated and getting angry and sick of not being able to have a baby. i wish i could be of more help to you.


crystal - March 23

what if your not taking fertility drugs and then how would you know if you've had one of these? i mean what are the symptoms? just curious. i know how you feel tish, i am only 22 and beet ttc for a year now, and for the first four years only used protection, the patch, for nine months out of that four years and never conceived. been checked and my tubes are clear and his "guys" are good. so why am i not pregnant? so frustrating. so young i don't get it.


nan - March 23

Isa, I also have had 3 chemical pregnancies in a row. My doc tested me for lupus which can cause this problem. I don't have lupus or any other autoimmune diseases, but I do have ANAs( antinuclear antibodies) People can have these in low titres and not know they have them. From what I know chemical pregnancies/early m\cs can be the result, but women can be treated and do fall pregnant in most cases. It would be worthwhile to get checked for ANAs. This test is done as a screen for immune diseases.


isa - March 24

nan, thanks for your response. I have been trying to gather as much as I can about chem pregs and testings and did run across what you are talking about with the antibody tests. Did you only get tested for the ANA's or did they also test you for APA, ACA, & Anti Thyroglobulin also? I am presently waiting for cd 3 to go back in for u/s & b/w and will ask when I go in about them testing me for that as well.


nan - March 25

Isa, I tested neg for APA,ACA, anti Thyroglobulin,lupus antibodies, and a few other clotting antibodies, can't remember what they were, will look them up and get back to you. The only one I need to get tested on is NK(natural killer cell activity) I know your probably worried sick about all these things, as I am, but just remember to get them checked before ttc, so you are not taking any risks. It could just simply be chromosonal abnormalities that are causing the m\c. As you get older the chance this happening increases. In which case its just a matter of time before you fall pregnant. Just rule everything out first. This is what I'm in the process of doing. I know it hard to accept all this when you just want a baby! Good Luck


isa - March 27

Hey Nan thanks. I saw RE yesterday and he has given me a whole slew of blood tests to go get done (14 to be exact) and a myloplasm (sp?) swab. Dh to get chromosomals done with me also. There are a bunch of tests here too I've never heard of and hadnt run past yet in my readings. Hoping they find nothing or if they do something that is easy to fix. I'm running out of time in the age factor.


BrendaW - March 27

hi you guys- I have had a lot of early pregnancy m/c like these. I had all the genetic tests done then went on to the immunological. My doc says it is the nk cell thing, misinterpreting embryo and killing attacking i look at it as killing because no matter how early they were they were still my babies to me. I am 28 and this has been happening since i was 18. if anyone else out there was diagnosed with nk cell, i would like to hear your story. and Isa good luck, i hope it works out for you and get your baby! Nan, let me know what the doc's say and good luck, hopefully it is something simple! Are you seeing dr. beer? He has a really good website info on this stuff.


lilly2 - March 27

Hi girlls, i am currently waiting for my antibodies results or cd19, cd56, cd69 betta 2 glycoprotein and coeliac antibody screen.TTC since june(9-10months) and had 2 m/c at 5 weeks.In april had fantom pregnancy or chemical not shore and had all preggo symptoms, amaizingly sore and swolen brests and other signs but i have the same feeling that fertilised eggs failed to implant for some reason.I am 39.I heard that older fertilised eggs sometimes dont have energy to hatch out and then implantation wil failed.My best friend ttc for 18 months, age 39, and she had m/c and problem hatching out, but happily she end up with twins, b/c it is very common in these ages.Good luck to all, hpe yo all get positive pgt and i will let you knom my results soon.


Nikki - March 27

I have no personal experience with this problem (that I know of), but I did talk to a doctor who specialized in genetics. He told me that 1 in every 10 child conceived will have some sort of genetic birth defect, such as downs, but that most of these pregnancies are miscarried very early on or they end up in chemical pregnanies.
So it's not really that unlikely that someone should have a few of these pregnancies. Oh, and he also said that there isn't anything you can do about it, except for just wait for it to happen.


BrendaW - March 30

Hi everyone- Nikki what you said is very true. Myself, my doctor told me that a certain percentage of pregnancy end in miscarriages like you have stated but mine are 100% of pregnancies have ended in miscarriage.


isa - March 30

We went in for our testings and yes killer cells was one of the ones we are tested for. Some reasults should be back by the end of next week and the chromosomal ones they said in about 3-4 weeks time. I agree that most of the chemical pg's are due to problems with the embryos and they abort themselves and yes us older ladies do have more of them for that reason. Still hoping I can achieve a pg and stick it without having to think about doing ivf. The iui's with injections are expensive enough and until I know why I keep having the chem pg's I dont want to put money info ivf just to have a more expensive m/c.


for crystal - March 30

What is a Chemical Pregnancy?
Chemical pregnancy: Sometimes a pregnancy can be detected or indicated by a pregnancy test early on - and then followed by consecutive negative results. A "chemical pregnancy" occurs when implantation takes place - but is followed by a miscarriage (in most cases, this happens before other pregnancy signs can be noticed). hCG is produced not with conception, but with implantation of the egg.


BrendaW - March 30

Girls, I wish you all a lot of luck! I hope they can figure out what is going on and fix it! The worst is the not knowing why. My doc said it was nk cells, but i am still hoping it was just me and my ex and me and my new man will have no problems. I know that is probably silly after docs said what it was but hey you never know. I went a long time not understanding or knowing why this kept happening and hoping "maybe next time". At least now i have answers and a possible solution. Though it is expensive and i hope it is all worth it. I had to pay $550 just to talk to dr. beer and get my results. It so easy for some people.. I had one doctor tell me "oh these early pregnancy miscarriages gives me some hope because you are at least getting pregnant:" They are tormenting though. They torment your heart and your mind. Why is my body killing something i want and would love so much???? Why can't i keep my babies? And this is how old they would be now- forever i will think that. My youngest nephew is maybe a week difference from what my last m/c would have been. I love him with all my heart but sometimes i see him playing and picture my daughter ( always think of that one that way though i dont know) playing next to him, crawling with him etc. Sorry guess i just needed to talk tonight. Tish, you need to see a doc and figure this out now if you can. The longer you wait the harder it is, or so I've been told. I am 28 now, this has been happening to me since i was 18. Okay this getting really long. Good luck you guys and anyone who knows anything or experiences with nk cell and medication please let meknow....



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