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Loulouse - January 15

HI. This is my first cycle charting and my probelm is that I don't go to sleep at the same time every night. I am aware that I should take it every morning at the same time. I just don't want my sleep pattern to affect it. I just read on a website that every half hour more you sleep , you should add 1/10 of a degree and vice-versa. Does anyone use that method? Does it work for you? Because sometimes I got 7hrs of sleep and some 2hrs. Please tell what you think. Thank you for listening.


Ericka - January 15

Hi Loulouse. I had the same question when I started temping, but I never noticed the difference, unless I slept for a really long time. Just make sure you get at least 3 hrs of sleep a night. When you O you will be able to notice the rise in your temps. Hope this helps.


TTC #1 - January 15

From what I've read you need at least about 4 hours of continuous sleep so the nights you only get 2 hours may not be accurate??? Did you read "taking charge of your fertility"?? You can also make note of it on your chart. I think also once you ovulate there should be a large jump that is very noticeable compared to your other days. I read that book months ago and I 'm thinking maybe I should re-read it bc I am going to start charting this cycle, but I am starting Clomid and I have no idea if that affects temps? Good luck to you


Loulouse - January 15

Thank you so much guys for your response and yes I have read "Taking charge of your fertility", that's what lead me into Good luck to all of you ladies.


charter - January 16

i haven't noticed my bedtime affecting my charting, however i never get less than 5 hours sleep. some nights i am in bed at 10 others at 2 but as long as my alarm is set for 5:45 every morning i seem to be consistant with my temps. on the weekends i go back to sleep after the thermometer is done (make sure yours has a memory to record the last temp so you don't have to turn the light on to check it!)


Loulouse - January 16

Thank you Charter. I guess I do need to adjust my sleep pattern a little.



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