Anyone wanting to vent?
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Janice08 - August 1

I am just wanting to vent! Anyone wishing to join me feel free!

My story is that we have been really trying to complete our family for about 15 years! I have a ds who is about to turn 12. Fell pg with him naturally then accidentally fell pg again when he was 6 months. That pg turned out to be ectopic. 11 years on and we are still trying! Had 3 full IVF attempts, one Frozen cycle and gotten pg 3 times but miscarried each. Missed period last month so took test it came up with slight positive (you could just see it) but started to bleed 4 weeks late. Dr said it was probable blighted ovum. So still no further forward! I am not giving up though, as long as I'm ovulating, I'll be trying for another child!

Well that was my story, anyone else in similar situation?

Baby wishes and dust to everyone on this long but hopefully rewarding path!



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