Anyone using or have used Donor Eggs?
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special1 - January 31

My question to anyone is has anyone used Donor eggs or are going to use donor eggs to ttc? I have unexplained, DH sperm is fine, I just don't produce enough follies to try and use my own. DH and I have used donor eggs and we have done 1 fresh and 2 frozen IVF'S with no success. I am planning on finding another egg donor and we are wanting to try another shot at it, but wanting to hear from others who have done this or are going through this now.


special1 - February 5

Just Bumping question up on the Thread


special1 - February 7

Just Bumping Question up on Thread again........


slowpoke01 - February 7

special-you may want to go to baby click on community bullitin boards, then click on trying to get pregnant, then click on conceiving through donors. there are alot of women on there who are using egg donors. i am not sure but i havent seen any on this site using egg donors. my dh and i use sperm donor but i dont have any experience with egg donor. sorry that noone on here was able to help you out. good luck.



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