anyone TTC with Ovulex in april ?
56 Replies - April 3

hi there ive been ttc again seriously for the past year after short brake from ttc the year b4! i came across ovulex n started looking in it... it wasnt till i found this site (and really looked in to this product) that i felt to go ahead n try it im 29, D/H is 43 ... im on C/D 5 anyone else out there ttc with ovulex?


Hoping4BFP - April 4

hi , I was on ovulex, started taking it about cd4-5 in march only side-effect i got from using this was frequent bathroom use, until now whereas my cycle was suppose to start 4 days ago but I have actually just bleed for one day and the blood flow was less than half of my normal cycle which has never happened to me before - my cycles are very regular( I dont know if this is due to using ovulex- I contacted selmedica customer service and was told that ovulex does not interfere or decrease your menstrual flow) took a hpt which came back negative - so i have a DR appointment wednesday to find out why I have abnormal bleeding.
I have stopped taking ovulex since
Babydust to all ttc... - April 4

hi hoping ..... hope every thing is ok with u, when is ur dr appointment ? post back to let me know that ur ok (if u dont mind) i must say im on CD6 and have been taking ovulex for 5 days, ive felt a bit sick but im not sure if its down to ovulex as the day b4 i took it i felt a bit sick too ? anyway i think ill wait and see if it subsides


kaz uk - April 4

hi bluejada and hoping sorry to butt in but do u know if the ovulex on ebay is the same as off the ovulex web site? - April 4

hi kaz .. yes it is i got mine from ebay but the packaging didnt look the same as the ones on the web site so i called the number off the web site they said its new packaging and gave my a list of what hearbs r in so i could compare with what was on my bottle ..... the seller i got mine from gose by the name soccer mom of 4 ... she is in U.S.A, shes got really good feed back and she has been selling it for a while hope that helped ((( baby dust )))


na25 - April 4

Hi, i belive it is the same ,,,it must say there if they are an authorized distributor and all their products come to them directly from Selmedica...hope this helps..GOOD LUCK! - April 4

hi na25 ...... sorry i should have said but yes on the iteam page it dose say that i rang selmedica because i wanted to b sure ;-) but thanks for pointing that out x hope this is more help kaz XXOO


kaz uk - April 4

thanks bluejada and na25, i looked up that seller on ebay! also had a word with hubby (hes off now looking in to it as blokes do lol ) but i think i will get some and give it a go... how long did it take to reach u bluejada? - April 4

kaz im not sure? i remember it wasnt long though ...... D/H was shocked at how fast it came !!!!! well under a week ...D/H just said it was about 3 to 4 days


kaz uk - April 5

hi bluejada i put in my order yeahhh it from the same seller u did so hope it will get here as fast as urs did lol


na25 - April 5

Hi and kaz uk...i received mine order (ovulex +amberoz ) today...will see what happens and let you guys know.... - April 5

hay na25 nice to see u back xx i only got ovulex (cos hubby is fine), so i got 3 months worth. im on cd/7 but been taken ovulex since c/d3 when r u going to start urs ? ......."looks like we r all starting ovulex together !!,"


na25 - April 5

hi again :)
i just started mine today and dh ameroz will see what happens...i alerady have 5 year old from previos marriage we all can't wait to have baby in the house...My son is so excited...he seems to be bored as only one :) Oh, God,,,how we want that baby to join us :)....
Anyway I didn't meassure my temperature ...but I saw on ovulation calc that i will be fertile from 5 to 10th so will see,,,and also we will try it every other we never did before.. - April 5

bless is ur 5 year old a boy or girl ? i have 3 step children a boy 10, and two girls 9 and 6, ive have them for nearly 4 years now with no sing of there mother !! im 29 D/H is 42 and i now feel its time to try for one of my own.... feels like we have been trying forever !!! lol im due to O on the 12th so will b tring like made in the few days run up to it LOL


na25 - April 5

lol i was just wrriting to you at the other thread is a lovely boy...and his birthday wish was a brother or a sister...:) and now we are trying so hard for it....we tried fertilty blend and aid...nothing worked for us..never visited dr's regarding fertility...did paps exam everything normal...anyway ..i am 25 and hubby is 27.. - April 5

well hears hoping this will work for us both ..... i just took my 2nd pill my god there so big hahahahaha always get stuck in my throat i can still feel it now eeewww right im off to get a pint of water lol...ill cheack in on this or other thread tomorrow to see how ur doing hun xx baby dust xxoo


na25 - April 5

Anyone else with ovulex? TTC in april? Please join us!



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