anyone TTC for a long time and finally got a BFP?
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patrizia - January 29

i am having another one of my days. i will share a bit of my background. i have been on this board a while but dont post often. i am 31 yrs old married for over 3 years. TTC FOR 22 months. over 1 year ago i started seeing a RE. on march 30th 2005 i had a lap to remove cysts and they found an endo cyst that was completely transported., tubes were open, uterus ok. i was diagnosed with NOT OVULATING. that is the reason why i was not getting pregnant. i started doing injections---puregon and menegon, for 2 cyyles which were both cancelled due to no-poor response. then i develpoed a polyp that was just removed on january 15th 07. so here i am feeling hopeless. ANYONE have inspiring stories. ? please share ---give people like me hope that feel like things are only going to get worse and more complicated (thanks to endo). anyone else have problems with no ovulation? please share BFP stories !!!!! sorry this is long.


Tink - January 29

i have no story YET!! but i haven't lost faith and it's been a long road for me too. Off BCP for 5 years. 4 months on clomid and timed BD last spring, clear HSG test with my gyn....then was referred to RE in July. in Aug and Sept, 2 IUIs with clomid, great response, BFN though. followed by lap to remove mild endo in october. Novmber was third IUi wtih injectables- good response, but BFN. developed a cyst, had to sit out a month. December- 4th IUI with injectables, more good response, BFN. so it's been hard. but i'm still here and still pushing towards my goal, now doing IVF for the first time. I don't believe i was ovulating on my own prior to starting meds. while it isn't easy and i've been on meds for a year and felt like crap due to it, i am not giving up. there are plenty of success stories here- in fact 2-3 women that have gone the long road too....that got pregnant naturally on 'break' cycles or right after a m/c. It truly is amazing what can happen. so yes, it can happen. i hope i get my BFP by the end of february! good luck and try and keep your head up.


Mega - January 29

Hi Patrizia! As Tink said it can be a long road, but just keep on it. I hope you get your BFP soon! As for me, I've been TTC #1 for over 2.5 years myself. I was dx with PCOS & my DH has low morphology. We tried several cycles of Clomid with IUI, nothing. Switched to 2 cycles of IUI & injectibles (Repronex), still nada. Found out my DH's morphology got even lower so we made the decision to switch to IVF this past summer. I had my 1st IVF fresh cycle in Aug./Sept. 2006 & it was BFN. I was really upset. But too stubborn to take a break so I just launched into a FET (frozen embie transfer) with a couple of my frozen embies. I got pg, but it was short-lived. In Dec. it ended in a blighted ovum m/c. I was devistated. We took this cycle off but were planning on starting IVF again next cycle. I wasn't tracking my O or anything so I wasn't 100% sure if I even O'ed but I did think I saw a couple days of EWCM so we did BD everyother day or so for a week or so just in case. But with our male issues I didn't expect anything. I ended up starting Prometrium on 1/4 of this month b/c AF still was a no show & I was eager to start IVF again. 5 days after my last Prometrium pill AF was still a no show. I took a HPT just in case and what do you know. BFP! The 2nd line showed fast & dark. I just had my u/s today & it showed a h/b of a 120 BPM! I'm approx. 5 to 6 weeks along. We're thrilled with our miracle. So hang in there. When it comes to this stuff, anything can & does happen. I hope you get your miracle soon! Good luck! Hope my story helps.


gmh - January 29

Patriza, keep you head up, 22months of TTC is long but it can takes awhile to pin point the problem. it is good that you are with a RE now and you have found out some of you problems, so at least you are on the right track.. I have the same problem I don't ovulate on my own and I only have one ovary. Lost the other one do to endo.. as for poor response I like other have had cycles canceled due to poor response but then the next cycle can bring something else. Like Tink said there are alot of success stories out there. just try to keep postitve and if you are having a bad day just vent. good luck and keep trying.


patrizia - January 30

thanks girls for responding -i send my best wishes to Tink and gmh and CONGRATS to mega !!!!!!! MEGA- that is a complete miracle ! on a natural cycle when it seems that all odds are against you !. my RE told me also that IVF may be the only way but first we have to get my ovaries to respond. i was wondering --Will they ever respond ? plus after my lap they told me my left ovary is very small so i may not work at all or be very "lazy". i am looking forward to starting injections again. my next appt is feb 8 with my RE-. ohhhh does anyone knew why polyps--nodules, develop ? what is the cause ? thanks


Mega - February 1

Thanks Patrizia! Yes, the odds were really against me conceiving on my own. DH & I are incredibly blessed. Your ovaries WILL respond. Everyone has some "magic" drug or combo of drugs that will work for them. It can take time finding it though. Maybe a pure FSH injectible like Gonal F or Follistim might be better for you. I always responed better to Follistim than Repronex myself. Unfortunately alot of this is trial & error. But you're seeing a specialist now, so that's good. You are truly on your way. Here's some info I found online about Polyps. It doesn't sound like they're all that uncommon. Hope this helps! Remove any (-) dashes which may appear in the URL::


Mega - February 1

Oh good luck on Feb. 8th! I hope you keep us posted.


3rdtimearound - February 1

Dh and I had been trying to conceive for about a year when I went to the Doc. for help. I was diagnosed with anovulatory cycles. I took about 6 doses of clomid and decided that was long enough for me. I had a few months when I ovulated and a lot of cycles that were cancelled due to cysts. This process lasted about a year. I then had a lap to check for endo and if my tubes were open. Everything was ok so i was diagnosed with unexplained infertiltity. DH had a semen analysis and it was normal. Well i was completely devastated. All of my friends were getting BFP's. I went into a major depression. We then gave up trying to conceive. I then researched adoption and had all the papers filled out, when my breasts started hurting very badly only 2 weeks after AF. I took an EPT and BFP. DD was born 9 months later. We had tried for her for a total of 3 years. After the birth of DD, DH and I did not use any birth control. We figured if it happened, it happened. 3 1/2 years later another BFP and DS was born. After DS was born my husband had a vesectomy, 3 weeks after the procedure another BFP. I am now 32 weeks pregnant with another DD. I was shocked by this pregnancy. For each of my other children it took me at least 3 years to conceive and then without even trying, DD is on her way. Who would of thought that one night of bedding the day befor the vesectomy would result in a BFP after so many years of not conceiving, but it did. Miracles do happen. I am living proof of that. Don't give up!


Mega - February 1

3rdtimearound--What an amazing story! Wow, the evening before your DH's vasectomy. Yeah, that would be a hard one to predict. Yes, miracles definitely happen! Patrizia, Gmh & Tink, I hope you ladies are next...


patrizia - February 2

thanks mega for that website. i did look at it and it was very useful information. it is amazing how things just "occur" when i had the lap i did not have a polyp. i am guessing it was from the hormone injections. i was doing 200ul of puregon and 200 ul of menegon. that is kinda alot ---and i did not respond well !!!!!!!!!! i am from new york but i now live in italy. puregon is what they call follitism in the U.S and menegon is menupor. these drugs work well i hear but i guess not for me. honestly, i am scared to go back on injections ---i cant imagine having to stop treatment again to have another polyp surgery. or who knews what else.--3rdtimearound-nice story -it is truely amazing how things "happen" . i guess when things are going to happen , they just happen. well, for me it has been a long almost 2 years. the depression, the feeling alone and negative thoughts that torment only relief is praying. i hope god will answer my prayers one day.


Mega - February 5

Patrizia--I'm sure the hormones did play no small part in your polyps forming. I've been hearing quite a bit lately (on this board) of women going thru treatments getting polyps which leads me to believe injectibles are a common cause of them. Can they go away by themselves? I hope you don't need surgery. I hope God answers your prayers soon too. Also, maybe if the dr plays around with your dosing of the injectibles that might help? Maybe you used too much? Plus maybe you'd respond better on just puregon or just menegon. Just a thought.


patrizia - February 6

hi mega...i already had the polyp removed on january 15, 07--so i got that over with. now i have been having 4 days of light spotting, i wish AF would just come full force already !. i have my RE appt . on thursday---so we will talk about the next plan of action. when i first started injections i was on puregon...they said i started of well but my estrogen levels dropped so that cycle was a bust . then they added menegon with puregon the next cycle but and i developed a large cyst which they believed was my endo growing back. so that cycle was also cancelled ---but thank god it was not endo--. but that is when they found the polyp. this is all so fustrating !!!!!!! ....mega--how are you doing ? how many weeks are you ? hope all is well !


Mega - February 6

Well hopefully your Thurs. appt. will yield a new plan of action for you. I'll be interested in hearing how that appt. goes. Glad your endo didn't come back at least, that's good news. Balancing hormones correctly can be a tough job at times. And that's good that the polyp has been removed. Good riddence. Hope you get a good course of action for next cycle. And I hope AF is on her way for you, so you can start anew. I'm doing pretty well. Thanks for asking. I think I'm about 6, 6 1/2 weeks now. My next u/s on the 12th will give us a better idea how far along I am & the tentetive due date. So excited for that appt., I can't wait to see how much bigger this bean is getting.



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