Anyone took provera...
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Loulouse - December 24

I have been trying to get pg for a year now since I have been married and since it can't happen, I am trying to find out why. My cycles are irregulay varying from 31-47. I am now in cd 56 and all hpt and one taking in the Gyn Dr. all BFN. I am taking provera to induce af. I am taking one pill a day for 7 days. Sine I started taking it, I have been nauseous, I can't stop eating and I am very hiper and oh I have been having terible headaches too. Have anyone take this medication before. What were the side effects? Please share with me. You guys can talk about anything you want also, basically I just want to vent about my frustration on why I can't wait to have a little angel...LOL.


Loulouse - December 24

Oh, I forgot to say what 'm doing to find out what cause my infertility. Basically, my Dr. told me that those long cycles I'm having indicates annovulation. I took blood test on cd3 and21 and they were ok. I have taking a vaginal ultrasound and a pelvic sono and everything looks good . I am schedule for an HSG on my next cycle . That's about it so far. I will be put on clomid if everything else seems fine according to my Dr. So, we will see. Anyone who wants to talk about their infertity and their frustration, don't hesitate to do so. We all can go through this together. Good luck and Baby Dust to all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


n - December 24

i took provera, it helped, but i ended up with a tubal pregnancy,


Lynn - December 24

Loulouse...I previously have taken this to induce my period. My cycles were extremely long and some months I would skip. I have been diagnosed with PCOS and began to take glucophage which helps people with PCOS have regular ovulation. Have they mentioned PCOS? I do not recall any of the side effects since it has been since 2004. Wish you luck....


Loulouse - December 24

Thank you n and Lynn. I appreciate ypur response very much. I am so sorry about your tubal pregnancy. But have faith in God , it will happen for you.


Loulouse - December 24

Lynn, it's weird that you mention PCOS because sometimes I wonder if that's not the case for me. Do you recall any of your symptoms when you found out you had it? What are the symptoms you are experiencing now? Mostly when I am close to have af, I have all kind of pain in my lower abdomen: twinges on and off on one side or both, burning sensation where my ovaries are, af-like cramping and an anchy stomach. I also have this whitish creamy discharge. I don't know what that means.


n - December 24

i have pcos also, provera worked for me. i used it with clomid also, but ended up with a tubal. however, provera really helped with my periods


Loulouse - December 24

I am happy that it help you. thank God you don't have any negative side effects from it. It's my first ti me taking it and I can't stop eating. I'm very nauseous and depressed. I hope I don't have to take it for too long. n, what are some symptoms you have resulted from pcos? What was your early signs and symptoms if you remenber any?


Anna - December 24

I wasn't having any afs after coming off of BC and finally had to take Provera months later to induce my af. I, also, had very irregular, unpredictable afs before beginning BC several years prior. My only s/e was TERRIBLE mood swings. I almost felt psychotic at times and practically divorced my sweet DH in the process! LOL Fortunately, the s/e did wear off a few days after finishing the Provera. And I'm happy to say that I got PG during my next cycle and am now expecting my little munchkin in April! If you can just hang on and tolerate those unpleasant s/e, you'll be ok and hopefully get your bfp! Good luck and Merry Christmas to you! **baby dust**


Claus - December 25

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!


Loulouse - December 26

Thank you very much Anna and Claus. Merry Christmas!!!!!! to all of you also. Hopefuly, this new year will bring more happiness and joy and maybe yet BFPs. That will be the best gift of all. Anyway, I am trying to hold on with the side effects because I need af to start so I can start another cycle...well, u know the deal. So, we'll see.


n - December 27

i had a lot of overy pain and irreg. periods. i was hospitalized last year, thought it was my appindex, however, they found pcos. i was full of cysts. however, since then most of the cysts have disappreared since using provera.


Loulouse - December 27

n, I have the same things also irregular period with ovary pain but do you think that if they say that the pelvic sono is all right that means I might not have any cyst... right. I am not trying to diagnose myself but I feel like that something is wrong.



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