Anyone taken Robitussin to improve cm
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fitnessfan21 - June 14

I have read several reports about the use of Robitussin to improve the quality of cm. Has anyone out there tried this and if so have you gotten pregnant as a result?


Tammy276 - June 14

I've never tried it, but I heard that it does help. I think I read it in a pregnancy book actually and a few sights on line. You just have to make sure that it is REGULAR robitussin. The kind that doesn't have any extra letters after it. Basically what they are saying is robistussin is a decongestant, instead of being stuffy, it makes your mucus more runny. Well, if it makes your nose mucus more runny, it will make ALL of your mucus more runny, making it thinner and a more fertile environment for spermies to live and swim through. Hope this helps!!


fitnessfan21 - June 14

Thanks Tammy. I have the right Robitussin in my house so I will keep it handy for next cycle. Thanks for the advice.


wannabeamom - June 15

fitnessfan, I think Kelley on the June part II thread may have been taking Robitussin when she got pg. Pop in and ask.


KitCat - June 15

You need to buy the Robitussin expectorant, not the decongestant. Decongestant will dry you up. Just make sure on the list of ingredients it says 600mg of Guaifenesin. According to the website I got my info from, it says to take 2tsp 3x daily. This month I am using Mucinex instead. One pill contains the 600 mg and is much easier to remember to take it one time instead of three times daily. Good luck.


KitCat - June 15

oops, it won't say 600mg on the list of ingredients, but you need to take a total of 600mg throughout the day.


nikki2204 - June 15

kitcat is right, it has to be expectorant. My doc actually had my dh take it to thin his stuff out a bit. Not a bad idea for both to take it! Good luck to you!


lovemy3 - June 17

Hi there, So it is definately expectorant? Also, if you are taking this and concieve but continue to take it for the next couiple of days because you don;t know for you have concieved and are still ovulating is that ok, if you did concieve? As far as meds i mean?


kelley32 - June 17

Hi ... that's right, I was taking it the cycle I got pg, but I think it may have just been a coincidence, I actually thought that it decreased my CM ... and yes, I was using the right one, with Guaifenesin only.



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