Anyone Starting their IUI tomorrow??
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cmelissa - May 17

I've been taking repronex this cycle and I start the back to back IUI's tomorrow and Thursday!! Anyone else almost on the same cycle??


aish - May 17

ok frnd i just started my cycle of IUI ...i will be going after 8 days to get my day 11 U/s i am on gonal F and ovidrel ....
so all the best for today


HeatherP - May 17

I had the IUI on Sunday, May 14th and I am on CD-17. The 2ww is awful!! I am so ready to find out if it worked. I was on 50mg of Clomid and did the HCG injection on the 12th. Good luck to everyone!!


greeneyedgemini616 - May 17

I have my IUI tomorrow. I only do one a month with clomis and the trigger shot. Good luck to everyone this month.


aish - May 18

to greeneyedgemini616... ho'z ur IUI ?
I have a very personal Q? i hope any one will ans. me.......i am going for my IUI with my hubbys sperm...i have a tension that whether they will put my hubbys sperm or someone else lot of procedures must be going on in the lab. when they r washing the sperms......i am so tensed right now....i am so desperate to have baby bbut still thinking negative


greeneyedgemini616 - May 18

The lady from the cryo bank shows me the vial with the number. It really doesn't happen anymore. Make sure to ask the sperm count and motility. That is really important. I just got home from mine. If this is your for be prepared it's not the most pleasant procedure in the world. You will have some cramping and I had some spotting after my first one. It will go away after a couple hours though. Be sure to rest afterwards they say you don't have to but I think it's better to. I am going to lay down now. Good Luck!!!


HeatherP - May 18

Hi Aish....they use color coated stickers for everything at the lab I went to for my first IUI. They only use that one color for the whole day and put that sticker on your file and your sperm sample cup right in front of you with your name on it so there is no way they can mix us up with any other patients. Don't worry and lots of luck! Lots of Baby Dust to all of us!!!


cmelissa - May 18

Hey Girls,
Had my 2nd iui today, didn't hurt as bad as the one yesterday!! I totally get freaked out too if they put the wrong sperm in you but you have to really check the #'s they put on the vials and have trust in your doctors!! I now get to start that dreadful 2WW tomorrow, find out if i'm pregnant on the 30th!! Sure hope so!!!


aish - May 18

thanx ladies for the info...
why dont they put spouse/partners name instead of number...
so for who r waiting for the BFP ....wish u baby dust& diapers........



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