Anyone's DH had an ultrasound?
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EMM - March 1

My DH is having an ultrasound on Friday. He had testicular cancer several years ago. His sperm count is extremely low. They did a hormone test, and now they are doing an ultrasound on Friday. Can anyone tell me what they are looking for? Is this something that they can tell you pretty much right away, or is it another hurry up and wait type thing?


eb - March 1

My dh had an ultrsound done a week ago. They checked for cancer and for a varicocele vein . We found out that he has a varicocele vein and we go back on 3/17 to decide what to do next. His first sa was very low and his 2nd was above normal. So, I'm not very sure what they plan on doing. Good luck.


eb - March 1

They should be able to tell right away.


EMM - March 2

EB, thanks so much. what exactly is a varicocele? I have heard that term a few times. What kind of treatments are available? We have 1 child, but the doctor told my husband that he only has 2 million and to forget about it naturally. I refuse to give up...we did it once. Why can't we do it again?


eb - March 2

It's a vien that circulates the blood to keep tests cool. If it gets blocked it can cause low sa count. It keeps tests to hot, ect. From what i've read there are 2 types of procedures . Don't know which they'll do on my dh. Also, has your dh has his prostate checked. If he has a prostate infection that can cause a low count.


EMM - March 2

Yes he had is prostate checked recently. Thanks so much for the information. Let me know what kind of procedure you guys elect to do. I am hoping that there is something that can be "fixed."



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