Anyone in Dallas/Ft. Worth...please help!!!
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JC - October 30

I am looking for anyone around Dallas/Ft. Worth that has had luck with a good doctor. Mine is pushing for a lap and I don't understand why they won't try meds first. I've had an HSG in Aug '05 and they said one was open and the other was partially blocked. I am worried about having the sx and having an ectopic or tubal down the road. Please help!
[email protected]


Staci - October 30

Hey girl! I just emailed you. I live in Fort Worth.


JC - October 30

Ok....I'm still waiting for AOL to act right and give me my email :o) lol


staci - October 30

They are probably wanting to go in there and find out what is blocking your tube. It could be a cyst or
endometriosis. Both of which fertility pills can aggravate if prescribed incorrectly. Sound like they are just going to go in there and take a look! See what is causing the blockage. There are lots of women on here that have had laps!


Staci - October 30

sorry your aol is being a butt! I sent it like 30 minutes ago! :(


JC - October 30

Hmmm...I don't know why it's acting like that. I have another you can try: [email protected]

Thanks for the help! Is your doctor good?


Staci - October 30

Your could try Dr. Doody if you wanted second opinion. I have been to that clinic and they were really nice. They are in located in Hurst.


Staci - October 30

Ok I resent the email to your other address!


JC - October 30

Ok...I go to Dr. Atkins in Ft. Worth. I also live in Ft. Worth


Staci - October 30

I had Dr Nackley when I went there and she really didn't help me out, BUT I wasn't TTC at that time. I was just getting diagnosed with PCOS. Right now I am trying on my own with Clomid and temps and so forth. I am on list at that clinic for a PCOS study that begins in Dec. or Jan. I am really hoping that I get to be part of that study. If not then I will just make an appt with them and start paying them to help me with my infertility. I have read up so much that I know more about my infertility and PCOS then any of my doctors thus far have. Which has made me very aggravated and a little put out with the whole medical field. So I am taking matters into my own hands!


Staci - October 30

Hey how about we just call each other? Then we could talk much faster!


Staci - October 30

Can you send emails? I will try sending my phone number to you via email again. If you don't get it do you want to just send me yours.


JC - October 30

I hear ya girl! I rack my brain trying to figure everything out and if I've done anything wrong. I am just so frustrated. My doctor is nice but I don't think people realize we are not all rich! lol I am a police officer so you know I don't make any money! I'm doing the best I can. How did you find out you had PCOS?


~S - October 30

I will try from my yahoo account as well incase it is me!


To JC - October 30

Have you gotten any of my emails yet?


JC - October 30

Yup...I got them on Reinachula76....Thanks!!! We should keep in touch :o) and see what works best to get to the big day


T - October 30

I go to the gyn/fertility clinic at the Aston building at Southwestern Medical Center. One IUI and pregnant. Good luck!



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