Anyone have secondary infertility?
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hoping - August 31

This is making me nuts! My husband and I have 2 kids 12 & 7 (first when I was 21, yes I was married) and decided about a year ago to have another - didn't want to be empty-nesters at 45! I had 2 m/c's, one when my 1st was 1 yr old and one about 2 1/2 years ago. That last m/c was a surprise pregnancy (I was on the pill!) We didn't figure we'd have trouble because I could "think" pregnant and conceive before! Well, we've been trying on and off for a year now and nothing. I am polycystic (don't know when it started) but doc says I still ovulate. My cycles are 28 days but on cd 26 & 27 I usually spot enough to need a liner, nothing on cd 28, then AF. Then +opk 14 days later. Today I'm 6dpo and crossing my fingers! I am taking Prometrium orally 200mg 1xday since day 16. Anyone experiencing anything similar? This is so frustrating! The doc wants to avoid Clomid if possible b/c of the increased chance of multiples due to age (33) and PCO.


marymo - August 31

Hi hoping. Iam also secondary infertility. My story is a little different, but frustrating all the same. I too have two children, ages 8 and 4. No problems conceiving them whatsoever. Thats why when I decided to try for #3, already going on TTC 2 years, I thought, no problem, Ill even pick the month and Ill have this month of a baby. Yeah right!!! Ive cried so many nights, it gets harder and harder each month. Im regular, always have been, I ovulate every 14 or 15 days. Im being treated for hypothyroid, but everything is in check. Husband is fine. All blood work came back fine. Had an HSG 2 weeks ago, tubes were clear. Im totally at a loss. I dont know what to do next. Everyone says, just relax, youll get pregnant. If I hear someone say that again, I will scream. If it was that easy, why Im I not pregnant then. (Im sorry Im venting so much). Did you have your tubes checked? Is your husband okay? the doc told me I dont need clomid, b/c I ovulate. I just dont know. Im 36, and dont want to wait too long.


kristie h - August 31

Hi, I have one son and since his birth have had nothing but miscarriages. My 1st loss was a molar pregnancy so i had to wait 6 months to ttc, then after the 6 months feel pregnant about 2-3 after ttc then lost it. I have just found out after 6 months of ttc that my uterine lining is less then 2 mm thick on cd 21, so i have to go on the pill for 3 months, i hope it is a hormone imbalance, if not it will most likley be scaring from the d&c. I have been serching this site for people with 2ndary infertility and i have only came across you girls. I hope that all goes well and that we all get what we are longing for.


mommy2josh - August 31

Hi girls, secondary infertility is more common then you may think. I am on a thread with a whole bunch of girls who have kids, and did not have problems conceiving them and now have been ttc #2 and its just not happening. I myself have been ttc#2 for 29 months. My doc doesn't seem to think that there is anything wrong with me. I have not seen and re and dont think that I want to. I was on clomid and got pg on my second month but that ended in an early miscarriage. That was last November. I wish you all luck in your journeys and know that there are a whole bunch of us out there and you are not alone in your struggle. Babydust :)


hoping - August 31

Great to know that I'm not the only one out here going through this! Nah, haven't had my tubes checked. The doc hasn't been too concerned yet and I haven't been pushing yet to do much testing. My insurance will cover an RE if dh gets his boys tested but we haven't gotten that far yet (nor am i sure i want to). Ugh, another week until I can even test, and I'm trying not to think too much about implantation symptoms (is that a spot? a cramp?)...Maybe this will be the month...wish me luck!


DCL - August 31

HI Hoping,

I am having a problem getting pregnant again. Last April I got pregnant with only TTC for 2 months. I ended up m/c ing at the end of June. Never had any problems growing up, period fine no cysts, nothing!! I ended up having a good size cyst on my ovary in November and went thru the HSG, hysterocscopy and found a polyp in May. Started my first IUI last month with 100 mg clomid but it failed. Now I am on month #2 with clomid and IUI. My dh and I are going insane as just about all our close friends are due between now and the end of the year. I hope this is the month!!!


lovemy3 - September 6

Hi there. I am 37 yrs old and have 3 kids ages 11, 5 and 3 and have been ttc#4 with no results. So far I haven't had any testing but am really starting to wonder myself. it is so frustrating and worrisome.


britneyhayden - September 6

Hi ladies im going through somewhat the same thing i have a beautiful lil gurl who just turned 2 in july an me an dh have been trying since she was 5 months old with no luck. It didnt even take us 6 months to get pregnant with our daughter an were going on 2 years this december i finally gave in an went to my doctor a few weeks ago turns out i have high insluin levels an pcos soo my doc has started me out on 8mg of avandia for the next two cycles an if we dont get pregnant on it alone then we go to clomid in nov. I just cant get over how hard it is this time around an how heartbreaking but I guess itll happen in Gods time we just gotta be patient which is so easier said then done because ive about had it an I think if we dont get preggers by christmas me an dh are going to take a break i just cant take it much longer. But babydust to all you wonderful ladies an hopefully we will get our babies soon enough!!


babygirl1967 - September 6

Hello ladies how is everyone doing today? seems to me we are all in the same boat here and we all know how the other feels, i too find it so frustrating ttc this time around and if someone tells me to just sit back and relax im going to scream. I am 39 with 2 children 18 and 14 and trying for #3, i had a m/c in april at 6 weeks and since then i have been having alot of problems with getting a full blone af. all seem to do is spot with cramps which feels like af and even smells like af but no blood flow or clots this has been going on since april but i do ovulate exactly 12 days later my opk is positive my dr. had given me provera and even taking that i spotted, iam curently seeing a fertility specailist and he gave me clomid even though im ovulating, i told him that i dont think i release any eggs because i never have the ewcm so thats why he proscribed clomid i am also using pre seed and right now im on dpo 2 and in the 2 ww.I havent taken the clomid yet if im not preggo now i will take it next cycle. I gotta tell you im about to lose my mind and everytime i see af it just makes me more mad and brings me into tears. Hopeing im wondering why are you taking prometrium is it for the uterine lining because i have like 3 bottles of it from when i was pregnant before and thinking about taking it as well please tell me for what reason you are taking???


hoping - September 7

Hi Babygirl! You know ladies, until the last couple of years I didn't even know this problem existed! So frustrating. I'm taking prometrium because by ob/gyn says it doesn't seem like I have enough progesterone to keep my "nest" intact for implantation. I believe provera is similar. It was a first step - my dh and I weren't sure how hard we really wanted to try since we have 2(and still aren't sure how far we'd take it). I had an US in Jan. and they said I had the "string of pearls" but it was very minimal and only really on one side, my uterine lining was fine. I finally made an appt with an RE yesterday for the end of Sept! It was so hard to make that choice. It was admitting something was wrong! My cycle is definitely different the last few years. This month I've been spotting since o'ing - I'm supposed to have AF tomorrow. No doubt it will come. Do they bottle babydust? I would sure buy some! Good luck!


babygirl1967 - September 7

hopeing what is string of pearls? iam the same way i know i want to have a baby but i dont know how far i would go as well, i never even imagined i would have to go as far as taking clomid at this point, never thought i would anything except to bd lol and i think the more we know we arent getting pregnant the more obsessed we get about it, i feel that when i hold my little one in my arms its going to be much diffrent from the other 2 i had just because we have to work much harder to have this one.


lovemy3 - September 7

hi girls, I know how you feel about "how far you'll go" to concieve. I have 3 kids ages 11, 5 and 3 and we are ttc#4. The first 3 were easy and now it has been 4 months. i started out saying "well, if it doesn't happen thats fine" and each month it gets more intense. this month i got a fertility monitor! I am considering going in to the drs january if nothing more happens. I am 37 and feel like time is ticking and I am getting more and more determined now to have this baby! I know how ya feel!


hoping - September 7

the string of pearls is what the eggies look like inside your ovaries when you are polycystic. I guess the cysts are forming but may not mature and release so they all line up like soldiers waiting for their turn. I'm not even sure I actually ovulate the more I read. My cycles are very regular at 28 days - I get the LH surge on day 13/14, egg white, etc...but I read that it doesn't necessarily mean there was enough to actually release a mature egg. Hopefully the RE can explain more on the 25th. Funny (or not), in my original post I said we'd been trying a year, but I thought back to when we first started "not being very careful" and it was January 2005! Wow!


babygirl1967 - September 7

I have actually told my dr. that iam obbsessed with having this baby and i cant seem to think about anything else anymore, especailly when im ovulationd as soon as i know im ovulating my brain gets all crazy. My dr. said that the clock is ticking which is why iam so obbsessed, my mothers af finished at the age of 42 and here iam 39 already so im more anxious and me and dh decided that we want this to happen before i turn 40 so my deadline is by the end of next year if nothing happens he will get a visectomy. So ladies lets do whatever we have to do because i would like for all of us to have a BFP before christmas. Sending all you ladies lots and lots of sticky baby dust.


babygirl1967 - September 7

Im a little confused about the Prometrium they give you this drug for implantation and they also give it to you to bring on af how does that work???


babygirl1967 - September 7

sorry but i have another question iam on day 14 today i was thinking about taking this Prometrium i have 100mg so maybe i can just take one at night just to help things going along since i had a m/c the dr. is going to put me on it as soon as i get pregnant anyways so what can it hurt to try it before, so if i start taking it tonight do you keep taking it till you get af? is it going to stop af from comeing if you didnt concieve just wondering any thought ladies??? Thanks for all the info


hoping - September 8

My doc told me to start on day 14 (or AFTER i ovulate) and stop at day 28. I pretty much knew it wouldn't work so I didn't ask what I should do if I actually BECAME pregnant - I assume continue through 1st tri. I think I don't have enough progesterone to support the implant. Until this month it's been several months since I took it but I believe AF came anyway. after day 28. For me, I take it at night (no side effects!)



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