Anyone done chromosomal testings ?
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isa - June 26

A few months back dh and I were sent for chromosomal testings and a bunch of other b/w. Well I got a call saying I was to go in for a review for me with the RE at our fertility clinic. Doc had said before he'd only need to see me if something was wrong so I know its not to tell me all is well, but my appt isnt for 2 weeks. I am freaking out here. Has anyone else been through this and what did you learn and is it fixable. I got them to put me on cancellation list but in the mean time trying to learn anything.


isa - June 26

Even if noone has had these tests done can anyone tell me the relation of it with fertility?


whynotme - June 26

DH had extensive chormosonal testing because he has a zero sperm count. They thought they he might have carried the gene for cystic fibrosis which can cause the vas to not connect. I also had the test done to make sure that I didn't carry the gene. They did some other testing as well because it chrosmosonal imbalances and such can be a cause of infertility. Hope that helped some.


Galina - June 26

Hi Isa, dh and I had it done twice. Both wioth out first child, because we are Jewish, we have to have it done for a disease called Tay Sachs, that is carried by Jewish people. We also had it re-done by the RE as part of routine b/w when they do your work-up for infertility.


isa - June 26

Do you think they have found a gene that might say I carry something that might be making me infertile? I ovulate find and produce tons of eggs on meds, would this still work if I had problems? Dh's chromosomes must be fine only doctor asked to see me not both of us. The only thing I know is that they put on the sheet with a bunch of other b/w like nk (natural killer) cells etc and one of the tests was chromosomal analysis for recurrent pregnancy loss. they thought I'd been having chemical pregnancies (thats what the nurse had told me 3 x's) but when the doctor did a review with me he doesnt think that was what was happening. (I was having trigger for hcg and 14 days later doing pg test and got 3.3, 3.2 and a 2.2 on three different months on 14 dp trigger. A bfp is at 5 so I was close but not there and yet I should have been at 0 or 1 and no higher. I asked why was I in the 2's and 3's and he said he couldnt explain it but cant call it a chem preg until you are over 5 then drop below the 5 as you miscarry. So, when I went for the chromosomal analysis the hospital thought they were looking for reasons related to the losses (that werent) and now I have to sit and wonder what they found. I am not Jewish so they wouldn't find the Tay Sachs.


Galina - June 27

Isa, my understanding with these tests is that both partners have to be carriers. So, even if dh ort myself were a carrier of Tay Sachs or something else, the other person would have to be a carrier as well in order for it to pass to the unborn child. Since you've responded so well to the follistim/puregon, there is avery high possibility that you may have hads some residual cysts left over that were so tiny that an u/s wouldn't even show them. These cysts VER often produce +hcg numbers and that would explain the 2-3's you are seeing. That happened to me and my doc explained to me that is why. I asked if it is a chemical pg and they said "no, it's from the cysts". Mind you, the cyst was only seen and removed at my lap, not before by the u/s.


isa - June 27

Galina, thanks so much that would definately explain it. I did have cysts one month and we had to cancel the next round of iui and I have had mini cysts that the tech said were too small to worry about and we continued with my iui's so I bet that is where the hcg is coming if they produce it....just enough to screw with my brain when they call and tell me my hcg #. It's interesting though how it would be in the 2's and 3's and then drop 2 days later when they redue the pg hcg test. You would think it would stay at the same level if it was cysts wouldn't you? oh the joys of trying to understand our bodies eh?



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