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may - September 25

I Have pcos i just want to know whether it's possible to have a healthy child without having been put on any meds by dr?please answer.


Hello - September 25

Alot of people with pcos benefit from a healthy diet, exercise and some supplements like agnus. It depends how severe it is.


Gina - September 25

No Ovulation means No Chance Of Pregnancy. Changing your diet/excerciset may help to regulate AF, but its your O thats important. You dont just develop AF , its a condition that your born with. I would talk to your doctor about any questions yuo have as its had to tell without knowing you to really give a great answer. I would start charting BBT ( temps) and start doing OPK ( ovulation tests) to see if your ovulating. How regular are your periods? My pcos was affecting my periods ALOT. I ovulate but the last time ( before this month) that i had my period was 121 days! I had to get some meds ( provera to induce my period) and im now on clomid ttc 1st baby. I was a little apprehensive about taking meds , but reading these fourums im not alone, and neither are you. I wish you the best of luck! Gina



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