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kefy - August 3

hie guys nt in a good mood at ol af visited me last nite what the F*$@ im dissapointed yunno what shld i do ive tried everything and bullshit is at me again


Jessica - August 3

My husband and i have been ttc for 3 months aswell. I thought i was going to get my period yesterday the 2nd of Aug. i had very very light spotting in the morning and nothing. I took 2 tests last Sat. the first one didn't work and the second one said negative. I wondering if may be i took the test too early. Wishful thinking?


AM - August 3

Good Luck to you all that are waiting anxious.


Anna - August 8

So what's up with everybody! Who here got the bfp they were looking for? I'm still waiting.


Jennifer - August 8

August 7th came and went for me, no sign of AF but I got a BFN this morning, I dont know what the deal is.


Lena - August 8

I got BFP!!! Its taken us 39 months, a failed vasovasectomy and 10 IUIs to get here, but we finally did it. I got my first BFP on Friday evening. Took another test Saturday morning and then we went and bought another brand just to make sure. All four say yes! I take my hCG today. We are in total disbelief but can't stop talking about it either.


Anna - August 8

Congrats Lena! I'm so happy for you!!!! I hope the next nine months go well for you!


Lena - August 8

Thank you!


Amber - August 8

Hi ladies!! :)))
Congrats Lena! That's great news!!!
As for me....I am suppose to start today but AF hasn't come yet...I had some light spotting on Sat but that's it. I am expecting it will start within the next couple of days. I am not going to take the test because I am tired of the BFN and since I was spotting I am assuming it's coming very soon! :(


Jennifer - August 9

Lena CoNgRaTs to you. Keep us posted on your pregnancy..and good luck!!! yeah!


K - August 9

Congrats on the positive!! No af for me yet...however my cycles are sometimes irregular. I got a negative on 8/6 (wishful thinking) and am trying not to test again for a while. 2 m/c in a row make me not want to get too excited, ya know? We'll see!!



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