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erica - April 12

I had my bf on 3/30 with no cramps my nipples are still sore it hasn't gone away. About 2 days ago I started to get heartburns and right now im getting cramps. Can these be ovulation or what. I been ttc for 3 months


hello!!!!!!!!!!!! - April 12



Amanda - April 12

What is bf??? Maybe I can help


kA - April 12

How heavy was your Af? Because if it was real light, you could be pregnant. Have you taken a hpt? If not, I would test! Good Luck.... :-)


erica - April 12

Sorry af. It was heavy for one day. Yes, i tested yesterday morning and it was negative. My nipples feel like there burning.


Mary - April 12

OMG!! I am having the same thing bf with no cramps came right on time march 27 and was normal flow but after breast still tender but not real sore. I also been having bad heartburn took two dollar store test s right after period ended but was neg. I am expected to get my period April 26th or 27th. Also been getting dizzy. I was really dizzy right before my last period so I assumed that was the reason, but hasn't gone away. Me to thiught mabye ovulation, but thought it was to soon. I don't know what is going on. Keep me posted and let me know what happens. Wondering!!!!!


erica - April 12

Me too. April 27th is my next af. How weird is that. The cramps that im feeling our more like a burning sensation in stomach and my back feels like it's being pulled apart. I took 4 hpt from the $dollar tree as well. I'm just going to wait and see what happens. Baby Dust to you Chica!!!!!!!!!!


MARY - April 12

Baby Dust to you too!!!!!!!!!



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