AF came early after using Clomid! Please help!
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ruby - August 2

hi ladies. i'm kinda freaking out right now. i just finished my 1st cycle of clomid (days 5-9), and am now on day 19 of my cycle...but i just started AF!!!! what is going on? has this happened to anyone before?! please help.


b - August 2



Erin - August 3

Girl, i know exactly what you're going through. For the first 2 months on clomid my periods were normal then I would start bleeding around the time I was supposed to be ovulating. That continued for about 4 months and my doctor wanted me to take a break from clomid for 1-2 months. I got off for 2 months and immediatly my periods went back to normal. Then I thought I would try clomid with the ovulation predictor kit for a month and the same thing happened, I started about a week and a half early and bled until about two days before I was originally supposed to start, quit for 2 days then started bleeding again on the expected day of my period followed by cramps. So I considered that my "official" period. I did not take clomid this month and am currently waiting on my period to start 08/06/05. If my period does come my next step is to check for endometriosis and then an IUI. Hope this helps!


ruby - August 3

thanks for your response erin. it's comforting to know i'm not the only one. i actually have a dr appt today but i'm so grossed out that he's gonna have to check me while i'm bleeding (it won't be the first time though). so did your dr ever give you an explanation as to why the irregular bleeding. my dh and i are so desperately ttc and it seems like things just won't go our way. when i first talked to the nurse yesterday she said to go on in for another prescription for clomid since obviously they didn't work this first time. but when i asked her why i began bleeding on day 19 of my cycle...she found that odd and wanted me to go in so the dr can check me out. hopefully he will offer me some insight so i can also share it with you. p.s. can you tell me what an iui is? thanks!


Erin - August 4

Ruby, my doctor never told me why I started bleeding so early, he said it was not a normal side effect. So he scheduled a saline ultrasound to see if I had a cyst on my ovary. But before I could have the ultrasound I quit bleeding. An IUI is intra-uterine insemenation, basically artificial insemination. My doc is planning on putting me on clomid(days 5-9) then starting on day 10 I will have ultrasounds to check the size of my follicles.When they get the right size I will get a shot of HCG, which will make me ovulate within 24-36 hours. The next day they will take my husbands sperm and insert it into my uterus with a long catheder. Then you just play the waiting game.



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