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Friend - April 3

To become pregnant, Do I have to orgasm at the same time with my husband? OR, I don't have to, Will my husband's ejaculation or orgasm enough? The reason I am asking this question because I find wet my bed little later if both of us have orgasm at the same time in my vegina. Is it realy working, please help. Thanks a lot


Tink - April 3

a female does not need to orgasm to achieve pregnancy. only the man needs to ejaculate. are you temping? you only ovulate once a month, so you only have a window of a few days to get pregnant, if you aren't having sex on those right days, then you won't get pregnant. you can track your temperature to make sure you are even ovulating (producing/releasing an egg). that way you can better time when to have sex. a woman's orgasm has NOTHING to do with getting pregnant. you don't have to orgasm at all.



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