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tibby - September 12

I though it would be nice to see if we could get a local thread started for the ladies in NC(other poeple are welcome also). So feel free to introduce yourself. Infomation about Doctors, Insurance, Pharmacies, Problems, and Treatments any thing that can help us over come infertility. If you need some one to talk to or ask a question for that extra support feel free to post. Welcome!!!!!


tibby - September 12

Well my name is Tiffany am 24 and dh is 27 ttc for 3 1/2yrs we live in NC. I have know that I have PCOS for 1 1/2yrs. To treat that I take Metformin(1500mg). I had done 6cycles of clomid(50mg). I have had a HSG, and Lap. I just completed my first cycle of clomid(100mg). Since on clomid I do ovulate(when I take it). "When" I get my bfp it will be my first +. With me I dont know if I can get pregnant, for some people they get pregnant and may later have a m/c but at that point you know you can get pregnant so now the question is when I get pregnant how do I stay that way for 40-42 weeks. I'm all for learning. (2nd job reseaching infertility. lol!) So no matter obstacles you fae in this battle with infretility don't give up, I'm not!!!!


Lucky717 - September 12

Hi Tibby! That's great that you started a thread for girls from NC. Everyone else if welcome to join in as well. It's just helpful to have others from our neck of the woods.

I am 32 and DH is 33. We have been ttc for 6 mths now. We have been married for 7 years and together for a total of 15. He is the love of my life. I always dreamed about having children with him and am now heartbroken that it isn't happening for us.

I am trying to remain hopeful Keeping the faith is tough at times.


tibby - September 12

I know how you feel I find it hard to talk to people who don't have a infertility problem. So this thread will be great.


tibby - September 12



Lucky717 - September 13

Anyone else from NC? Tibby thanks for the great movie!! I love it!
AF came for me today. I am soooo glad because I was able to schedule my HSG. Have you had one of those done yet? I am not sure what to expect.


tibby - September 13

I got one done back in January both tubes where clear. It didn't hurt, you just feel the pressure of the dye going through your tubes. All you need is 2 motrin before and maybe 2 after. And they will give you a pad in case spotting. You may feel better taking your on (not so big and bulky) and the travel size feminine cloth because the dye is really sticky. Maybe tmi!! Hope info. helped....


Lucky717 - September 13

Thanks Tibby. That is helpful information to know. I am really hoping mine are clear. How long does it take for the dye to pass through and them see it? How long is the whole procedure? Does it take a long time for the dye to exit the body?


tibby - September 13

The whole procedure took about 10-15 minutes. When I got mine it was in the local hosiptal and they had a tv screen so if you looked up at durning the procedure you could she what was going on. Once they start injecting the dye they will ask you to turn left and right taking pictures when your doing it. I don't think the dye is harmful when it spils out your tubes. They say you have a big chance at getting pregnant within a three month window..


Melissabp - September 13

Hey guys I'm from western NC. Dh & I are 37 and still trying for baby #1. I have had 3 m/c, 2004, 2005 and 2006. They have all been around 8 weeks and unexplained. We have had all the tests and everything is normal. So, I am thinking about seeing an RE even though I love my ob/gyn but I think he has done all he can. Do any of you see an RE?


tibby - September 13

Welcome, Melissabp. Im seeing a RE now. If you feel your obgyn can't ant more thane he's already done please don't waste anytime find a RE. Where about in western nc? I'm around Benson, Fayetteville way.


tibby - September 13

Lucky717, are you okay today...


Lucky717 - September 13

Hi Tibby-- I am doing ok today. I went and picked up my Clomid today and also my pain killer for the HSG. I am a little nervous. I hope that it goes smoothly. How are you? I am on cd2. Interested to see if AF sticks around for longer now that I am on Clomid. Did it change the length of your periods?

I am going to start Clomid again cd5-9. It worked well last cycle so we will see. Hey is Dr. Mulvaney covered on your insurance? I may switch if I don't see results after my 3rd cycle.

Welcome Melissa!! It's great to have another Carolina girl!!


tibby - September 14

Dr. Mulvaney is covered on my insurance. Af has all been 5 days. But after taking clomid it comes on the same day every month. And don't be nervous..


Melissabp - September 14

Thanks guys. I live in Hickory. The closest RE is Charlotte. I'm thinking of making an appointment with REACH. My ob/gyn and his wife went there for invitro a couple of years ago and he recommends them. Have any of you guys been there?


JG24 - September 14

Melissabp, I would DEFINITELY recommend REACH. My ob-gyn sent us there last year because my husband has motility and morphology issues. We did one IUI and I got pregnant!! We were told later that we'd only had a 5% chance of conception through IUI due to my husband's issues. The staff at REACH is very professional and caring, and their success rate is higher than the national average, if I remember correctly. Thanks to them, I now have a beautiful, healthy 4 month-old baby girl, after almost 4 years of trying. Good luck!! BTW, I used to live in Hickory too.


tibby - September 14

Welcome JG24 !!! Melissabp I think with ttc traveling is a must for a good RE. I travel about 45 minutes to Raliegh to see my RE, if I had to travel some where esle I would.



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