??????nursing school and pregnant 2??????
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am - October 31

Thanks to everybody for their advice. As of right now I have decided to continue with school since my date of graduation is 12/07. I started the new BC this last Friday (which has made me feel very nauseated.:( ) and I'm just going to see how I do. If the pain returns I may consider getting pregnant, but until then I think we may start trying in April b/c if I get lucky and pregnant right off the baby will be due after I finish school. Baby dust to all of you that are trying. Ya'll will be in my prayers. I wish you many tiny bundles if happiness.


linds99 - October 31

Thanks for the update...I was wondering what you would do. Best of luck to you too. I hope you fulfill both dreams next year, with a new baby in January 2008 (getting pregnant in April 2007:)



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