**** IRREGULAR CYCLES - Part 5******
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lalilove - November 6

Hello ladies...just thought we could all use a fresh start instead of scrolling all the way down. Hope you are all doing well and hope you all find us again.


lalilove - November 6

Okay, so this is what happened to me this cycle. Remember I was taking 150 mg of clomid this 3rd time around. I normally ovulate on cd 16-17 (of course that's taking only 50mg of clomid) anyway I went from low to peak from one day to another, is this right? My ff shows wacky temps-not consistent with monitor. Then I got a peak for the second time. Later that night at 8pm I took a home opt and it was negative. Any suggestions? Oh and I had back aches (severe) about two days ago. Any clue as to what the heck is happening to me? Well got to go...will check back tonight.


cmelissa - November 6

Lalilove thanks for starting the new thread - i just posted on the other one but will cut and paste it into here!


cmelissa - November 6

Otilia thats fabulous you O'd - you definitely have it covered if you bd'd on Friday - keep bding too you never know!! Step wishing you a BFP in this 2ww!! Otilia its going to happen again for you I just know it. Lalilove i'm not an expert the monitoring of temps but it is possible!


slowpoke01 - November 6

hey girls how are you all doing? glad that you all started the new thread as the other was quite long. it is nice to be back with you all again. OTILIA-w2g on ovulating. like melissa said i think that you have it covered but just to be sure keep dbing anyway. STEP-looks like you had the "O" days covered as well. good luck to the 2 of you this cycle. LALILOVE-i would trust the monitor. i have read that FF can sometimes be mistaken but just keep bding anyway. MELISSA- how are you doing girl? so glad to be back on here i have missed so m uch. take care all and know that i am thinking and wishing the best of luck to each of you.


cmelissa - November 7

Hey ladies - nothing new to report - just still taking those bcps - i have an appt for my e2 and u/s on the 15th before i start the lupron and then i go back on the 25th too! I'm going to a happy hour tomorrow so look forward to having an apple martini - my favorite!! Hope you all are having a great day!


Otilia98 - November 7

Hello ladies! Lalilove - Maybe you already Oed? I know that I only got one pos. OPK, so maybe you used it after the surge. Melissa - Thanks so much for your support. I have to ask you what an e2 is, sorry:) Slowpoke - We missed you too. How are things with the fam? I go to the OB a week from Wednesday, and I should find out if the BDing worked then.


slowpoke01 - November 7

melissa-enjoy that apple martini cause if this cycle works you may not be able to have any for awhile..lol good luck on you u/s and e2 hope everything looks good so that you can get the go ahead. good luck OTILIA-i am praying that the bding worked for you this time. i know how bad you want this. i am wishing you tons of luck too. we are doing good. just stressed a little with everything that is going on here. take care all.


cmelissa - November 7

Otilia i think the e2 is the estradiol level or something like that - funny i dont really know,haha! Jamie i look foward to my martinis tomorrow - i drink them way too fast though, haha!! Otilia so a week away - i have a good feeling for you!!!


Tammy276 - November 8

Oh my gosh, step, I went to that sight that you posted and I could not stop laughing!! I had tears running down my face, but I needed it because I was having a really crappy day..... thanks for the pick me up!! lalilove, the monitor will do that sometimes and stay positive because that happened on my monitor the month that we got pregnant..... maybe it is a sign for you???? I was upset when it happend to me because we only got one day of bd'ing in like 2 days before it showed peak and I ovulated like a week earlier than normal, so I was not expecting the peak right after a low day....but I guess it was good luck for us because we got pregnant that month ;) Looks like everyone is doing great over here. Not much new to report on my end. My little guy is starting to talk more...finally! He still isn't putting two words together, but he is becoming more vocal and starting to repeat what we say...so exciting! And my little girl is kicking me like crazy right now.. I think she is trying to tell me to go to bed!


slowpoke01 - November 8

hey girls just wanted to check in and see how everyone was. yeah melissa that is how i am with margarittas i drink them too fast..lol..anyway you girls have a great day.


lalilove - November 9

Hello my lovelys....glad you are all doing well and to those of us still waiting....we need to pray! Oh and speaking of prayer...you all have GOT to see the movie Facing the Giants....it is awesome!!! Talk about the power of prayer!
TAMMY... thanks for your input. I really hope it's a sign --a good sign!!! I guess well just have to wait another week or so. To all good night! BABY DUST TO ALL


slowpoke01 - November 9

hey girls just wanted to say good luck to everyone who is waiting to test. i hope that this is your month. take care all.


slowpoke01 - November 10

hey how is everyone today?


stepmommel - November 10

Hi ladies. Well, today is CD23 and I got news back from the nurse yesterday saying that I did O and that again my progesterone levels were high, so that's good. And better yet, for the first time, my testosterone levels were within normal range, so that's great news. I started spotting a couple of days ago, so I'm pretty bummed. Not sure what that's all about, but I am thinking this month isn't our month. Anyway, sorry for being away for a while, I've been fighting off being depressed and am not sure quite why. But here I am! Hope all is well with each one of you!


Otilia98 - November 10

Stepmommel - Maybe the spotting was implantation spotting! Do you know how many DPO you are? I am really close to you! I am CD 24 and I am 7 DPO:)


cmelissa - November 10

Hey ladies just checking in to say hi! I'm at my parents - I will catch up tomorrow at work! Only have about a week or so left on the bcps yeah!!



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