+++2ww for a BIG FAT POSITIVE+++
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lifequest - August 14

Hi ladies,
Today I start my 2ww...and like all of you I'd like a POSITIVE....so I want to stay positive. My dh just gave me my first progestrone oil shot, right in the butt, what a way to start the morning! I
~~BABY DUST TO ALL OF YOU~~ Hope to hear some POSITIVE STORIES....or symptoms! (sp?)


lifequest - August 14

Oh by the way, I'm on my 3 cycle of IUI, (2with injection on without meds)...and had 2 sperm washes for each medicated ones.


thayward7 - August 14

Good Luck Lifequest! I am in my 2WW - day 11 post IUI. I need to stay positive too! I am taking progesterone suppositories for support. I always find the first part of the 2WW not too bad, and the last 4 days TORTURE. This is my 4th cycle. Smiles!
- T


lifequest - August 15

Hi thayward, good luck with everything...I know exactly what you mean, that's why we planned a trip for 5 days before I do a pregn. test...hopefully that will keep my mind distracted. Are you using any medicine? Baby dust~


thayward7 - August 15

Yes, I have been taking Metformin, clomid, hCG trigger and progesterone support. I am using donor sperm. What a smart idea going on a trip to distract you. I have some friends here who keep taking me out for coffee and shopping to try and distract me. Smiles and Baby dust...
- T



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