3rd month TTC, wanna join me?
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Jennifer - August 13

Ok, so my perid was 4 days late, sending me on an emotional rollercoaster. But it finally started. So here I am trying another month. I started on 8/11/05 so that puts me ovulating between the 24-25 and next AF "not" due on 9/7. I just want some buddies to hang with and chat. Good luck!


Holly - August 14

I started on the 08/08/05 so just a bit earlier than you....Hope everthing goes well for you : )


Gabbi - August 15

I know how you feel. It's really hard. But don't give up, Good Luck to you!


Holly to Gabbi - August 15

have you been trying long?


Dawn - August 15

I would love to wait with you all. This is my 1st month ttc, my partner and I have been together for 6 years now and we are getting married in two weeks. We were going to wait until the beginning of next year to ttc but we can't wait any longer so we offically stated ttc on Saturday. My periods are pretty iregular but for the past six months I have been taking a herbal tablet called Cactus Agnus which is suppose to balance your hormones and so far it seems to have helped as I have had a period each month now and they seem to start at the end of each month but my last one was a week late (the 3rd August). So I should get my next period the 1st week in September. Good luck to so all.


Jennifer - August 15

Thanks guys, Im glad I have some people to share my insanity with.LOL..good luck to you all this month!!


Amy - August 16

Hello, does anyone know what the cervix position would be in early pregnancy? Thank you for any information. Baby dust to you all!!!!


angie - August 16

i am also on 3rd month ttc. i had my iud removed in june. i have had 6 very short and irregular cycles since then. my ob prescribed provera to induce regular cycles. i started taking it on 08/13/05. i have had one miscarriage and 2 c-sections. we are trying for our 3rd child. i would love to have someone to chat with too. that or you can email me [email protected]


dee - August 17

Hi girls. This is my 3rd month trying as well. Af showed up 8/15/05. I am on clomid as I have Polycystic Ovaries and dont ovulate regularly. So hopefully this is the month for all of us. Good luck trying.Make sure that you lift your legs up after bd, make sure you orgasm after your partner ejaculates in you(sorry tmi), drink raspberry leaf tea, take folate, drink alot of water for your cm. Hopefully this helps.


Teena - August 17

Dee, you don't have to orgasm to get pregnant. Maybe it helps the process (don't know) but it is definitely not a must.


SA - August 18

I started mine on 8/12. I ovulate early so we are trying NOW. I have had a rough go of it...pregnant 4 times in 10 months. So I am really hoping that we get a keeper this time. It will be good to have some pals. :)


Jennifer - August 18

Good luck to you all. I have started tracking my temps, maybe this will help. I guess we will have to see.


bump - August 19




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