38 years old with uterine septum/adhesions-please help
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gina - November 22

Hi all, I lost my baby at 22 weeks and had a D & E done. The likely cause of the stillbirth was a large uterine septum. Unfortunately, some tissue was left in me and I had to go for a d & c a few days ago. At that time, they found alot of scar tissue where the tissue had been left behind. I am devastated once again. My pregnancy was my first (I am 38 years old) and I fear my last. I am scared that even with corrective surgery for the septum, now the scar tissue will mess up any chnace I may have. Also, wasn't the purpose of the d & e to avoid this from happening? Now I am having alot of pain 4 days after the d & c and am scared even more damage is taking place in my uterus. I get only vague answers from the doctors, who are now trying to cover their butts after screwing up the original d & e. I have no idea what my prognosis is and have no idea if what I am feeling right now is normal after having a d & c. I only have light spotting with mucous. I feel so scared and alone. i want to know if other people have any experiences with these topics. Thanks.


... - November 23




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