2ww driving you Crazy? Part 18
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lovemy3 - February 16

Many baby blessings for us all...


lovemy3 - February 16

Hey all. Hope you are all well. Nothing to report here at all. Just waiting it out. Any news with you all?


Tink - February 16

Hey girls, just popping in. so glad to see you posting Linds. still thinking of you! My ER went great- they got 8 mature eggs and all 8 fertlized naturally. i just heard today. i am so thrilled. they will leave them alone tomorrow, so no call. but will check them on day 3, sunday. we are planning a 5 day transfer


hannah01 - February 17

Hi, are you ladies on your 2ww? I am ... I just had my first IUI (actually it was an ICI) on Monday... so only 5 days ago. How about you all?


lovemy3 - February 17

tink...thats great!!! hoping and praying this is your cycle!! hannah...welcome...good luck as well. it started out as a 2ww thread but that was 7 months agao-LOL. Glad you can join us!


lovemy3 - February 20

Good morning girls. How is everyone? Tink..today must be your transfer....Hugs and I hope it goes great. Angelkitty...how bout you...it must be hours within testing time. How are things going? Hannah...how is your waiting going? Not much going on here. CD28 I think for me. I haven't kept track very well and am just waiting it out. Hope you all have a great day!


JB0405 - February 20

Hi Ladies!!! WELCOM ABOARD HANNA!!! I am well in to my 2ww and the anxiety is getting to me! I test on 2/26... I hope all goes well seeing as though I was extremely stressed on Saturday!!! I hope everyone is well!!!


angelkitty - February 20

Good morning ladies. JB - I am so excited for you!!! I cannot wait for you to post. Lovemy3..when is your test day? Welcome Hannah!! Linds, how are you? Tink what's going on with you?


TTC#3@35 - February 20

Hi ladies..
I am on my 2ww & its not looking so good.. took a test this morning & BFN (of course) like i thought i would be different. But good luck to all here. ++ thoughts to you hanna on your IUI..
Im just waiting to get to there also.
My fiance & i have to wait to be married before we start any ART treatment. Insurance wont cover single people & ART. SO I've been reading up on everything here in preparation & ttc on our own (which probably is impossible) for now.

I know your stress JB!
Good morning lm3.

ttc -12dpo


JB0405 - February 20

Hey Ladies... ANGEL- thanks! I am at the point in the 2ww where I want to test so badly... I KNOW, I need to be patient and I am really trying! Hey TTC, don't give up hope, it will happen!


lovemy3 - February 20

Hi everyone. Thats too bad TTC, was it possibly to early? I know its tough. How long have you guys been tring for? I am cd28 and am going to wait it out and see if af comes. Honestly this month I haven't thought much about it. We have other stuff going on, trying to decide about Christian private school vs Public school for September etc. So, for the first time its been off my mind, and I can say it has been nice. I hope we see some +++ this month here...we are long overdue!! Hugs xoxox


lovemy3 - February 20

TTC, I just saw your post on the other board and most women don't get there BFP, till 13 dpo on average so maybe it is too early...hang in there...hugs.


angelkitty - February 20

Stay strong JB...I too want to test but I just decided I would wait to see what happens. IF AF comes she comes if she doesnot she does not. Nothing I do is going to change the outcome. TTC3 - it could have been way to early. It ain't over til AF rears her ungly face. LM3 - it sounds like you have a lot going on lady!!! This will probably be the month it happens. Post as soon as you know. Dani. Linds, where are you ladies?


JB0405 - February 20

Thanks ANGEL, I am trying to hold on!


linds99 - February 20

This is sooo off the topic, but is anybody here pissed off at Britney Spears? Seriously, I could rip her tiny bopper bald head off sometimes. She is soooo blessed with two babies (without any problems and came soooo easy) and she is just partying, and showing her v-jay-jay to the press every night and shaving her head like an alien and then running around with a wig. This is a good mom? Seriously, it sucks so bad, I would give anything to have kids no problem, and she is more worried about partying then taking care of them!


angelkitty - February 20

I understand what you mean Linds but you know what - that girl needs some prayer!! It is so funny you would have brought her up - only a matter of minutes ago I was thinking about her and jsut said a little prayer for her. She needs some serious help. I am not judging her but that girl needs some serious help.


linds99 - February 20

I know, but I think her babies need prayers too! Their the ones without a mom at the moment. I just feel that she is sooooooo not grateful for all she has. There is alot in her life to be thankful for, her fertility and ability to have kids, her parents are still alive, she's got money up the wazuuuu to pay for every one of her heart's desires and her children's, and she has her health. But seriously, I just don't know what to think other than this is a girl totally not appreciating all the gifts she has. If she is "breaking down" from stress, she obviously doesn't KNOW what stress is...ask any woman here who has thousands of dollars of debts from infertility, and no baby, and has to hold down a job and maintain her composure for 8 hours a day without breaking down at work- that is MORE stressful than anything. And you don't see these women parading their va-jay-jay out on the town and shaving their heads for attention. Doesn't she ever think about anything except herself? (You know how many people with cancer would LOVE to have hair, and she just buzzes it off.) I think she just feels sorry for herself too much for the measly problems. I have to admit it, but I am being critical of her, it is because she is soooo ungrateful for everything. God forgive me, but I am sooo annoyed with it.



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