2nd Month of TTC..anyone wanna be my cycle buddy?
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Jennifer - July 11

My AF started in Sunday 7/10...so now im just waing until ovulation...is anyone in the same boat as me? I would love to share with anyone on the same track...lemme know!!


Chrissy - July 11

I have been ttc for almost 8 months now. I just stopped ovulating a few days ago. I have been using the fern scope which I found was really helpful. Just keep positive and best wishes to you............baby dust to all....


gretchen - July 11

I am. My Af started 7/9 and I start taking clomid on the 13th.


Deby - July 11

Jennifer...I have been ttc for 5 months. I started af on 7/8 so we are about the same time. Love to share with you. I still have not pinpointed when I ovulate..which I think is my problem. I starting taking my temps this month in hopes with getting the right day. I will be using OPK to help as well. DO you know your days yet?


Jennifer - July 11

I dont even know what to look for in the whole taking-your-temp thing...so I bought some ovulation pee sticks off ebay to see if that helps...as far as my calendar goes Im supposed to ovulate on the 21 of this month...Try babyzone.com they have an ovulation calader that tells you when to TTC. And Im gonna try extra harder this month. Remember ladies, every month that goes by and we dont get pregnant..we should learn from it..and eventually..we will hit that nail on its head.. GOOD LUCK!!~*~*~TONS OF BABY DUST TO ALL*~*~*~*~


* - July 11

Thats about the time I am supposed to as well. Just hope that is the right day...lol. I am hoping my temps will reassure my calendar tracking. Your right...we are bound to get it soon! *~*~*~*~Baby Dust to you~*~*~*~*~


TaiVion - July 11

Finally someone in the same boat. Me and my husband are trying to get prego. My ovulation day is the 17 and according to my ovulation calender I should be getting it on from the 13-18 Hope this works Best Wishes to all and much Baby Dust....


Amy - July 12

Hello ladies. My af started 7/1 and i am supposed to ovulate around the 14th or 15th. My hubby and I just started trying so this is actually our 1st month of ttc. we had planned on starting on the 10th and doing every other day up until the 20th so that we know that we may have hit it right. We actually could not wait til the 10th so we started on the 8th. lol. still gonna do every other day. Now, i had heard that in the morning is the best time to have sex being the early morning sperm is more concentrated or something like that but we could only do that if it were to be on a saturday or sunday. My hubby has to get up at 4:30 every morning and i have to get up at 5:30 every morning so that is kinda tuff for us to try and do it every other day in the mornings. anyhow, baby dust to all and i would love to join in here. I hope that the end of this month to the beginning of next month i will be able to get on here and announce i am pregnant. I hope the same for everyone else. My fingers AND toes are crossed for everyone. lol. take care and best of luck:)


fatima - July 12

Hi everyone
Im at work right now and needed some cheering up, I came across all your messages and felt this could be what I need, to talk to other women in same position. I had severe cramps last week, and other wierd changes like dark tender nipples, hugely bloated belly, extremely gassy, then 2 days before period due all my cramps disappeared and I felt like I wasnt going to get it. Since yesterday I have worked myself up into a state of anticipation to only find now I have some spotting! I feel so disheartened. I still have tender breasts and dark nipples, no tummy or back cramps (which I normally have during period), I was so sure this time it was going to happen.
Ive only been trying 3 months, but the week before my period is due just always stresses me out, for me its the worst part of my cycle, I have only one thing on my mind....and quite frankly its driving me insane! I wish I was one of thos people that just didnt think about it at all, then maybe it might just happen! the 1st time we started ttc I had a strange cycle and bleeding, with the oddest symptoms, and my husband was convinced I nearly conceived but my body wasnt ready. This month I had same symptoms towards end of my cycle so we thought this could be it!.
Are any or you girls going through the same emotional rollercoaster thatI am, or am I over reacting?!!


TaiVion - July 13

Hey Amy, we are basically waiting around for the same daysfor ovulation my af was 7/2 so were close together. I was just wondering why do you should do it every other day. I have 2 boys at home and me and my hubby are ttc and have been for about 9 months. Keep me posted best Wishes and BABYDUST to you.


Jennifer - July 13

I told my DH that he needed to rest up cause as soon as I feel its time we are gonna TTC every other day until it almost time for August's AF..lol..he understand..thank goodness! Lets keep each other posted on this stuff ok? Im just happy to know there are ladies that are on the same track as me. Good luck


Deb - July 13

I agree Jennifer! Every other day till af...lol. I thought this month I was all of a sudden pregnant cause my period was only 2 days and more spotting than anything. Wasnt feeling right on Monday so I took a test and I got a faint positive. It was a test my friend got from her dtr (a hospital test). But then I began spottting again yesterday and now today. I called my dtr yesterday and they had me go for a blood test so I will know for sure today or tomorrow. Took a different test this morning Clear Blue..but negative. Not expecting good news from the doctor...so if not..I am back on track for trying this weekend. This is all so frustrating and am trying not to stress over it..but how can we not?


sheena - July 13

Yes jennifer.I to gave been trying 2 months.I started 7/7.So now iam waiting to i need some help to know when i will ovulate.We can talk and maybe you can help me and we can share our knowledge.We can talk her and also [email protected]


sheena - July 13

Do any of you girls have all the symptoms each month and then you get af?


Deb - July 13

Yes I feel like I get them every month! I think we tend to fell every little thing when ttc! The biggest one I get every month all of a sudden is sore boobs.


Jennifer - July 13

I got the sympoms too..the sore boobs, the tingling in the boobs...lower back pain..but im just thinking its the same stuff I got every month, but now that Im TTC i seem to notice it more... but just to let you guys know...me getting pregnant is going to be a lil harder for me than you cause..I just got a tubal reversal..I have been PG 3 times, but lost 2 of them and after my son I didnt want to deal with that pain any more so I got a tubal ligation ...but the man I married is a friend from high school and he said I should give God another chance..so here I am trying all over again..and Im only 26...As bad as I want a baby...I trying REAL HARD not to stress it or every month that I get a BFN Im just gonna get more depressed. I just gonna take it one month at a time...I want you all to know I am here for any of you need to talk...You can personally E-mail me at [email protected] is also my screenname...


Amber - July 13

Hi Ladies,
Count me in...I started AF on 7/11 and am due to ovulate around the 24th. This is only my second "real" month of TTC but I am hopeful! :))
Good luck to you all!



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