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LauraEssary - March 29

This thread is for those of us taking a break from trying to get PG.


LauraEssary - March 29

This is my story... I am taking a break until June for multiple reasons. One of which is that my husband is worried about finances and the other is because he is really nervous about the actual reality of having a baby. My husband has very little patience. He has promised that we could continue trying but keeps changing his mind about when. I have been promised mulitple times that June is "about when" because it is my birthday and I should be able to get whatever I want for it right ;) however I think he sees it more in the terms of "Its my birthday and I can cry if I want to" *sigh* recently he has even mentioned that we might wait until after his business trip to Korea (for 12 weeks) that is sometime in August. which means that we might not start trying again until October :( OVER MY DEAD BODY,lol.. Anyway I am sort of stuck between a rock in a hard place though because he has full "control" over the situation, if you know what I mean, and there is although tricking him has run acrossed my mind a few times,lol, there is no possible way (trust me). So I am trying to be very nice and basically brown nose my way into talking him back into JUNE,lol. I am about 75% sure he will say okay when the time comes. Problem is... I have to know on or before the 5th day of my cycle because I plan to do the Clomid thing. But I might be able to talk him into it on that day but then the day to bd might come around and knowing him he will change his mind and there goes my meds right down the drain, complete waste. I just know that he might do something like that and I think I'd probably kill him for it,lol......I have been trying to tell him for quite some time now though that once we start again it may not happen for another 6 months (getting pg) and even after that we will still have 9 months before the baby comes. For some reason that logic hasn't sunk in yet and he is still waiting for the "okay I am ready right NOW" feeling to come. Lol.. So anyway thats my story.. Whats yours?



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