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Katt - April 29

ok 2 questions...1) my thermometer is a 1/100 I have been dropping the 100th and using the 10th - Am I supposed to do this or round up to the 10th? (2) Is it 15-18 HIGH temps OR 15 -18 temps ABOVE coverline? (I am hypothyroid so my temps are low anyway?)


isa - April 29

Katt, my suggestion is just use the degree and 1 point (Ie: 97.5 not 97.45). If you always do it the same way (not rounding) it will always be your normal. It is 18 high temps after ovulation if you are referring to a pregnancy. After you ovulate if your temp stays high chances are that you are pregnant. My temps start to dip down about cd21-cd24 so after a few months I could tell by my cd 24 for sure if I was not pregnant and it saved me a fortune in hpt's. After a few months of monitoring your charts will start to read like a story book and you could inlay them over each other and they will probably be very very similar each month unless you do something differently like get sick or get less sleep or stay in a hotter or colder room than normal. I don't have hypothyroid but my temps are lower than most people's also. My pre ovulation can be low to mid 96 range and my high never gets up past 98.3 (typically would be around 98.1). Your norm may be different than others, that is why the ranges of norm are so broad. A good place to read up on bbt is http://www.pinelandpress.com/faq/bbt/bbtfaq.html. another very good site is http://www.webwomb.com/basal_body_temp.htm.


Katt - April 29

thanx isa the second site you mentioned explained to "rounding down" in essence dropping the 100th eg reading 97.68 = 97.6 and 97.52 = 97.5. Usually low temps can mean hypothyroid did you have it checked? AACE states normal range as .3 - 3


isa - April 30

Hi Katt. I read your answer and just checked my last 2 months of tsh levels as that is all I have written down and my March level was 2.85 and this month was much higher at 4.9. I have been monitored since last July or Aug so I am going to try and remember to ask and see if it was ok back then or what might be happening. I will assume all is ok until doc says otherwise because they have done the test routinely every month but I will point it out when I get a chance. Thanks for the info


Katt - April 30

Hello isa, I made quite a long post about the thyroid thing on someones thread >low or "normal" thyroid test?< last entry was April 29 @ 21:57 there is a link to the pdf file which explains the normals and why the board feels that way ie if theraputic range is .3-3 then so should be the Normal :) 4.9 is rather HIGH as I had bad symptoms at 4.5. I am now to a 2.75 and feeling a lot better. If yours is rising, I'd say that is definately a sign. Reaad my post and check out www.thyroid.about.com thoroughly - there's a symptom checker - hypo can cause temporary infertility, short luteal phases, hormonal imbalances, a long string of ailments. Please don't go undiagnosed as I did for years!


Katt - April 30

PS the doc must suspect it or he/she wouldn't check it every month and that pdf file might just make cause for he/she to start you on synthroid or levoxyl


isa - May 1

Hi Katt, thanks I'll try and find that webiste. Doc checks everyone as part of our normal cd3 bloodwork work up (Our provincial health plan covers it so it's no cost to us)it's never been mentioned to me so I am going to get the nurse to pull out my other results and see if it is rising or what is going on and make sure they tell the doc it's as high as it is. It may be part of the reason I have been gaining weight- Are there other tests they would do to make sure its a thyroid problem .


Katt - May 1

That's great I am glad to hear you are researching. I actually mentioned your post to my doc today and he definitely agrees 4.9 is WAYY TOO HIGH. He has upped my dose since I am not yet at a 2/2.5 and to aid in my fertility. My doc does a TSH, T3 Total & T4 Total (however this is "old school") That thyroid.about.com has normal ranges I think and recommended tests, but always check the t4 & t3. The more accurate test is a Free T4 I do believe or should I say the more recently used. If you are slowly putting on weight w/o reason your thyroid could be the cause especially if your glucose levels are fine. I just love talking about this as I have learned so much just from the diagnosis its amazing the turn around. Let me know what you turn up! babydust!


Katt - May 1

I'm sorry 'always check the T4 & T3 with the TSH'


isa - May 2

Hey Katt, I asked today about my tsh and found out Canadian levels are different than American levels. The machine at my clinic a high is over 5. Well, I'm at a 4.9 so I'm going to get them to pull up my numbers from all my months there and see if this month was a fluke or what. Nurse said it will fluctuate but if it hits a 5 he starts to look into it further. I didnt have time to wait for her to pull it all up today so I'll do it on Wed if I have time. thanks again for all the help (and the vit. help too)



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