1st IUI this month
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DCL - August 17

Hello All,

Has anyone had an IUI (w/ Clomid) on or about August 11th? Simple procedure with only Minor cramping for a hour or so on the 11th. I am on CD 20 and not feeling much of anything yet. Has anyone who got pregnant on their 1st IUI felt anything at this point. If so, when did you start having symptoms? I also heard that some symptoms might be similar to an AF. I am going for bloodwork on the 25th and very anxious. Any thoughts would greatly be appreciated.



slowpoke01 - August 17

DCL i have read alot of women say that they didnt have any signs until a/f was late. i wouldnt worry too much i had an iui 7 days ago as of right now i dont feel anything either. i took clomid and the hcg trigger shot so i cant test early or i will get a false + from the trigger shot. i hope all goes well dont stress yourself too much because it isnt good to have alot of stress well take care and let me know what happens


SashaP - August 18

I got pg with my first IUI but m/c twins at 8 weeks. I'm going for my first IUI since this m/c this morning I'm hoping it will work the first time again. I felt symptoms very quickly last time it was about 5-7 dpiui. My nipples were killing me so I knew I was but that was my only symptom that really told me. I had alot of others but they were more like af was coming. Good luck I hope you get your bfp.


DCL - August 18

Thanks for letting me know. SashaP I am sorry to hear. I had a m/c last June and it was hard to deal with since we were only TTC a few months naturally and not expecting to get pg. Now it has been over a year and nothing. It is just so hard. I am sort of looking forward to next week but very nervous!

Good luck to you.


SashaP - August 18

Thanks it seems like the 2ww takes forever. It took me 28 months the first time to get pg. I have unexplained infertility, but I think it's hostile cm. My IUI today was horrible. Apprently my D&C tilted my cervix so they could not do the IUI easily. They had to use a hook to pry my cervix open even more so they could get the right angle. I have never been in so much pain. It took over ten min of poking and pulling before I was done. I'm scared to death to have another 1 done if I have to. I even started spotting this afternoon. On top of all that I couldn't even get my prescription for progestrone nobody carries it, they have to make it. What a bad day. Did you have any complications with your IUI? Have you noticed any changes?


dearMommy - August 19

Dear all...i need some inputs on IUI...actually i had no pain on opening of cervix during my HSG ...but the pain was when that dye went through my tubes..basically when the shot was done...so i was just worried that in IUI when DH sperms are inserted will that also hurt? please let me know... though i dont think so as in HSg it has to travel through tubes, so probbaly the push is hard..whereeas here it will be directly into utereus... sorry ladies...i dont have much knowledge on the same and hence so many questions...


SashaP - August 19

dearMommy my first IUI didn't feel any different then a pap so it wasn't a big deal. I had an HSG in December and that was painful to me also. But as a general rule IUI don't hurt. I didn't even feel the sperm go in I only felt the catheter the first time. I hope this helps.



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